When Holiness is Easy
The important thing about each story is what God does

Author: P. Fernando Pascual | Source:

For many, Holiness is something extraordinary, which very few get and that most admires as an unrealizable ideal. 

But if holiness is understood as a gift of God, and if it is discovered that God is good and is already alive in each baptized, then holiness is affordable for many.

For holiness is simply to open the soul to the seed that came with the gift of baptism, and to continually listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit. 

To see the different lives of the saints, we discover how they achieved holiness. Some open their souls from children, others in adulthood. Some, after experiences of sin. Others, after periods of warmth

The important thing about every story is what God does. Of course, it touches each one to open. But if we contemplate how much he loves us, isn't it much easier? 

Therefore, Holiness begins to be easy when we remember that we already have the baptism, that we are children of the same father, that we can go to the sacrament of Forgiveness and receive the Eucharist, that we have thousands of brothers in the church.

So, we walk, sustained by the strength of the Holy Spirit and with the guidance of our good bishops and priests. So, we hope to achieve the definitive triumph of Easter. 

When we participate here in the death of Christ, which is the total delivery of love, we will also fully participate in his victory. Then we will see that it was simple and easy to be saints: it was enough to let love and to allow the life of the son to go through our veins...

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