Pornography addiction
There is a relationship between pornography, erectile dysfunction and child abuse, which undoubtedly ends up under ageing those who practice it and society in general.

The addiction to pornography every day affects adults, young people, and children as it is presented in our homes through television, the internet, and mobile phones just to name a few spaces.

The constant visualization of pornography (which can start as a game) is more addictive than the use of drugs like crack; it is confirmed by specialists and because those images are implanted in the brain generating a serious distortion between sexuality and love.

With pornography, the system that excites our desire in the brain is activated and in the absence of real satisfaction, users of it can spend hours seeing images without feeling satisfied. Likewise, pornography creates tolerance and this cause an effect in which they can see a lot of graphic scenes because they needed to achieve some satisfaction and that is how a user who starts only observing images of adults, can end up enjoying those that include acts of violence, homosexuality and child sexual abuse.

There is a clear relationship between pornography and erectile dysfunction, as image observation is usually accompanied by masturbation; and also because every day sexual intercourse within a marriage does not resemble those projected by pornography this causes emotional alteration in men that leads them to present lack of erection, and this is the main cause of disintegration of marriage.

We should not tolerate pornography in our homes, because consuming it encourages the marketing of men and women and indirectly promotes the sexual abuse of minors.

If you go into the forest or lost in a desert, in front of a cathedral or through the streets of a big city: do not forget that we are Christians. Let us not forget that God goes with us.

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