Worthwhile risks
Time doesn't stop. Decisions forge the personal story and those of those who somehow depend on us.

Author: By: P. Fernando Pascual, L. | Source:

They turn on the Internet texts that invite to risk. Of course, it's about risking for the good, the truth, the justice and to do it promptly. 

The important thing is to recognize that we are not called to an easy life. There are times or prolonged situations in which everything seems simple and under control. But at other times the changes are so fast that the risks are present and threatening.

Among those changes, we find those that arise from our decisions. If you opt for the easy, comfortable which satisfies effortlessly, you will surely risk little. But to live for the easy and to put aside the healthy and noble risks, is it not to lose much of the good that each one can do for others? 

At the different crossroads of life, the generous heart is willing to difficult steps, to "complicate existence," when it seems that it can put in place ways of improvement. 

Then one assumes worthwhile risks. Of course, it is necessary to evaluate well if a new project is affordable and if it will lead to valid results without disproportionate damage.

So before assuming a risky challenge, the virtue of prudence allows us to see the situation as a whole and to have the right perspective. Then it will be love that drives you out of yourself, leaving harmful comforts and risking yourself to help others, near or far away. 

Time does not stop. Decisions forge the personal story and those of those who somehow depend on us.

So we ask God to grant us light to identify good choices we have in front of us and that we can spread them with generous love that will allow us to undertake them full of hope and joy.

But we must continue with that freedom that allows us to improve attention to the possibilities of the present and to guide ourselves towards the most important and beautiful bearings of the human life: to love and to let ourselves love God and our brothers.

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