The Best Investment For Your Soul: Souls Of Purgatory
There are 2 withdrawals that all the people we are going to experience: the formal or legal withdrawal for economic activity and another that for believers is the moment of our death

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Dear reader. Although I do not consider myself a financial expert, if I spend a good part of my time looking for interesting investments and talking about investments in my classes and my finance blog, how much attractive would be an interest rate for you to invest your money? Think of the currency that is the world reference: the US dollar (USD) what is a good rate in dollars to invest? There are banks that claim to pay annual rates of 3 - 4% in dollars as a rate considered attractive. How about a rate of 8 or 10% in USD? Those who invest in the stock market and pride themselves on being "winners" in it, boast rates of 30% per year ... Well, if I told you that you can invest with a rate that gives you back 100 x 1 or possibly more by the time of your retirement What would you tell me? Would you like an interesting investment? Let me tell you about an investment that could be so attractive:

Firstly, let me put you in context. There are 2 withdrawals that all people who exceed the working age are going to experience: the formal or legal retirement for economic activity that in my country (Mexico) is 65 years old and another one for believers it is the moment of our death, where we will receive for all eternity the fruits of our works and we will also have to pay for a certain time and with some intensity (if at the time of our death we are in the grace of God) the consequences of all our acts and sins

Something important to know, according to the teachings of the church, is that invariably upon death we will have to pay the consequences of all the evil we have done, even when we have repented and confessed. The man who has done evil throughout his life, but who before he dies reaches true repentance, conversion and receives forgiveness of his sins, is not expected to go to heaven. The justice of God claims that, although his soul will be saved, he must pay the consequences of all the evil he did, in a place called "purgatory"

The testimony of many souls who have received permission to communicate with the living to ask for help on the torments of purgatory let us know that spending a minute in purgatory is worse than spending many years of sickness on earth. That the sorrows that are experienced there are worse than any sorrow we can live on earth, since there we experience the justice of God and not his mercy which is what prevails in this world. There are revelations that indicate that even religious (as) known for their piety have spent 20, 30, 60 years in purgatory.

Providers are careful to save and seek to provide means for a decent retirement when they reach the legal age they can no longer work. This is a wise decision, but very few of us worry about doing good deeds, penances, alms, listening and / or offering masses to save for the "true retreat" that will be eternal and comes after death and much less invest in avoiding terrible penalties that await us all for expiating each of our faults and failures. If religious of recognized piety have spent 60 years in purgatory, we can expect most of us who very easily fall into sin and harm our neighbors, criticize it, use it for our selfish purposes etc.

Well, today I want to share the way to make extremely profitable investments to not only avoid the sufferings of purgatory but also maximize your returns once your soul reaches the heavenly homeland.

First, let me explain to you very quickly what "Indulgences" are: Indulgences are the way in which the penalties of purgatory can be avoid or paid according to the ways the church establishes for the sins of our sins. When Jesus gave Peter the keys of his church and gave him the power to bind and loose in heaven, he gave him the authority to offer the faithful the possibility of "paying" for their faults here on earth through certain prayers, penances, alms etc. For more details about indulgences, and how they would earned, I recommend the book “The Indulgences the Treasury of the Church” by Ignacio Campero Alatorre.

This secret to make these wonderful investments was revealed to Saint. Gertrude the Great. This saint decided to offer all her indulgences for the souls of purgatory, she renounced her merits, that is to say that “in strict theory” when she died, she would not have indulgences to apply to her own Soul because she had given them to others and from this she wanted take advantage of Satan to tempt her on her deathbed. 

The demon tried to induce a deep fear to make her think that she would spend many years in purgatory paying for her faults, since she wasted all her indulgences by giving them to the souls of purgatory. They say that Jesus himself appeared on the bed of the Holy and reminded him of what he had said and that it is written in Matthew 19 (23 - 30) “everyone who has left home, brothers, property (or his own merits ) For my sake, he will receive 100 times more and inherit eternal life ”, promising him not only to take it directly to heaven, but to multiply its merits by 100.

Let us remember that God will reward all that we have done for others in his name and for one hundred percent love for him, however, there is no greater pain, greater suffering than that of the souls of purgatory. A poor man on earth can find death to free his material sufferings, but not the souls of purgatory. Let us remember that the testimonies of the purgative souls speak of the fact that they would prefer to spend here on earth years of suffering than to spend a few minutes in purgatory, so there is no poor poorer and suffering than the souls of purgatory. That said by the way they are usually the most forgotten even by their own loved ones.

They are also the souls of purgatory and the best intercessors before God because when they help us reach heaven, they never forget their benefactors and continually ask God for the salvation of their souls and for all kinds of benefits for them on earth.

So what is the secret to investing in the best way? It is very simple: any good work or alms you do offer it for the spirits of purgatory, any pain, discomfort, discomfort, offer it for them. Never go to Mass without offering it for the souls of purgatory, offer each communion and offer all your indulgences and prayers for the souls. Even every time you make an expense, repeat in your interior "Lord sanctify this expense that I am making, that is for the benefit of those who work in this place, of those who produce this object that I am buying and for the souls of purgatory." In this way, just as the investor who obtains interest on every penny he invests, you will be obtaining an impressive multiplication of your works and your merits, because by renouncing the selfishness of applying them only for you, but surrendering them entirely for others, you have the promise that Jesus will multiply them by 100 or more.

A simple way to grow your heavenly heritage and avoid the great torments of purgatory.

You do not believe me…. Of course, I understand it perfectly, it is not easy, but many saints who have been great devotees of the souls of purgatory like Santa Catalina de Bologna or San Juan Macias testify to the great favors they do for their benefactors. However, I also do not expect you to believe the testimony of such outstanding characters, I ask you to try it and convince yourself. It costs you nothing. Do you need help or intercession? If what you ask is for your good and therefore God can grant it to you, ask for it through the spirits of purgatory and offer them what we mentioned above, penances, alms and above all masses which is what gives you the most benefit and you will see the results that you'll get.

There is also another secret for your works to multiply: in addition to offering them for souls, do it at Mass during the offertory (prior to consecration) because being the sacrifice of Christ the most perfect ever made for our sins and when offering Again at the time of consecration, if we join our works to that sacrifice, "profitability" is infinite and therefore an even more attractive business.

I apologize at this point for using this terminology to refer to a mystery as great and incomprehensible as is the same salvation of humankind through the death and resurrection of Christ that is perpetuate day by day at Mass. I only use these terms so that we can understand the value and importance of the multiplication and offering of our works for the benefit of our souls and our salvation.

So my dear investor. If you are worried about your retirement and your financial future, also worry about your true eternal retirement and your well-being in it and if you use these investment tips, I assure you that you will obtain an excel.

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