Yes, NO and A Little Bit Of Love
Let´s show that we care

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

These are normal family questions: "Have you seen if the pediatrician attends tomorrow? Do you know if the car has gas? Are there any tomatoes left in the fridge? Is your mother coming to eat this Sunday?" 

Other questions are more complex, whether they're about it, whether it's the kind of answer they require. But on many occasions it is enough to answer "yes" or "no" and everything is quite clear. 

Enough, indeed, or in part is not enough. Because a "yes" or a "no" acquire different nuances depending on the tone of the voice or according to small additions that give a new color to the response. 

It is important, as a family, to take advantage of the opportunities to consolidate bridges with a good dose of affection. I said, "Yes, honey." I said, "No, Dad." "Now I control, Mom." "Now I don't know, then I tell you." These are small additions, but they say a lot.

These additions sometimes arise from respect for basic standards of education, but they tend to go further. Words reflect what is within one's own soul. A dry response can imply little interest in the subject or the person speaking to us. A patient and attentive response arises spontaneously if there is true affection for the other.

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