The Family, an antidote to stateism
Within the stateist mindset it is easy for strong opposition to family education to arise

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

The ideology of the Stateists, collectivists, totalitarians and the like consider the state to be the most important reality, the one capable of promoting justice and well-being for people, which could build a better world. 

 Why, according to that ideology, thinking, individualism and freedom are not enemies destined to our destruction? For the same reason that no great stateists like Hitler, Stalin, Mussolini or Mao have persecuted those intellectuals and freethinkers who could defend ideas of their own and could question the projects of the "father state".

Within the stateist mentality it is for that a strong opposition to family education arises. Why is that? Because families convey values and criteria in a personalized and very concrete way to children, sometimes against or outside the interests of the dictator in turn. 

It seems, then, that the desire to "steal" the children and impose on them the ideas of the dictator or the ruling party can be realized in school systems where the children are manipulated and sharpened to overcome the family "prejudices".

There is another, subtle and medical way of identifying, of imposing stateism on systems that have democratic appearances. This way is to weaken the family structure to such an extent that the children no longer find at home a standard and standard reference to develop, but that they have to resort to school to achieve their human and psychological growth.

Once the family has become given," whether because the two parents work, or because the child lives with one of them, or because he no longer lives with his parents but with other, less clear figures, each child finds in a potential situation of devastation.

Then, the past can appear as a guarantor of the training of children, as a safe structure to promote normal growth. The problem is that the past can impose educational programs with a clear ideology flavor, to the point of manipulating thousands and thousands of children.

A society in which the family has been left, has the risk of being manipulated by politics, economics or other power groups. Therefore, the best anti-indoctrination and arbitrary controls of the system is precisely to promote healthy families, endowed with good principles and able to defend basic truths about life, justice.



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