Honey Drop
If we thought of others, we would complain less.

Author: María Luisa Martínez Robles | Source:

Saint Francis de Sales says: “A drop of honey catches more flies than a hogshead of vinegar." It is true; with acrimony, the only thing you get is to make a situation worse. On the other hand, with sweetness, what seemed impossible to solve, improves considerably.

We live in a hipster, critical and selfish society. In my youth there was a television campaign that I liked very much: "Think of others" Indeed, if we thought of others, we would complain less. Teenagers complain now that they do not have Wi-Fi, even if they are on a paradisiacal beach with every gift. Adults who have jobs refuse because they get tired of it. Those who do not have it because their economy does not allow them the most elementary. The retirees do not know what to do to get distracted, it bothers them not to enjoy the activity they had before and so we accumulate hogsheads of vinegar that are useless.

Honey drops are scarce, we do not taste them, and flies invade us.

It is necessary to smile, in doing so there is always someone who appreciates it and returns your smile. Maybe it will make your day.

A kind word gets a lot, an unpleasant criticism destabilizes.

A phrase like this: "I hear you" unites and approaches.

When you remember the name of your children and ask for them, you get an ally.


If the doctors thank you for their attention, they will not cure you before, but they will do so with a better disposition.

To the people who work for you, they serve you the food or they charge you in the supermarket, if you praise their good disposition or their service, you will be valuing something they do for you, regardless of whether you pay it.

Children are the ones who value sweetness best. There is no small to resist a doll made for him, or a story in which his name appears as the protagonist of the story.

The social networks and the press overturn the inside vinegar that we all carry. Using communications to thank, cheer, inform and learn is true progress.

We want to progress? Well, let us pray every day Jesus to show us the way.

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