Fraterna: Supporting Mexican Priests
Born in 1986, Fraterna is an institution that seeks to cause a social impact in Mexico by strengthening the powers of diocesan priests.

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FRATERNA is an institution founded in 1986 which collaborates with the Catholic Church in Mexico so that our diocesan priests have a better preparation every day, helping the Bishops to pay for the plane ticket to travel to Rome and there to study Postgraduate degree in different specialties related to your ministry, be they Bachelor's or Doctorate degrees in the different Universities located in the beautiful city of Rome.

The Mexican College in Rome is an Institution of the Mexican Episcopate, which in 2017 celebrated 50 years of foundation and along which more than 2,200 priests with postgraduate studies have returned who have returned to their respective dioceses of origin, and There they perform their priestly and pastoral ministry. The Holy Father has also appointed 71 Bishops among them who work in the different dioceses and archdioceses of Mexico.

Thanks to people in favor of supporting higher education, human development and the social responsibility of Mexican priests, we have been able to contribute to the achievement of the previous objective, having been able to pay more than 1,800 throughout our history plane tickets of the priests who have traveled to Rome and reside during that time in the Pontifical Mexican College. Likewise, since 2004 we have been able to expand the scope of support, helping 110 priests whose Diocese does not have sufficient resources to cover all of their living, lodging and university expenses.

Residing in the Mexican College, the student priests go to one of the 23 Catholic universities in Rome, according to the specialty they have chosen. The annual cost for financial aid is € 16,000.00 euros.

Upon his return to Mexico, the Bishop of his diocese, in addition to entrusting him with some responsibility for his ministry, asks for his support to collaborate or direct the dimension (department) that is related to the studies he conducted in Rome, as well as his powers at the diocesan level. Acquired, in order to strengthen the corresponding community with solid knowledge and their testimonial commitment.

By collaborating and attending to the 93 dioceses of Mexico, we are looking for people interested in our mission throughout the country. For what we appreciate, your dissemination support of our work. As well as, alliances that we can make.

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