When You're The One Left Standing
I no longer walk in uncertainty. The door of hope is open, I learn to part with false human assurances.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

We need help and comfort. We search for them among men, without results, on many occasions. 

Life strikes all the time. Yesterday it was a partner who closed the door for us. Today he's a "friend" who doesn't want to know anything about our problem. Morning... it's scary to think what the next surprise will be. 

I know, however, that there is someone who always supports me, who is by my side, who offers me his arm, who lifts me up in the falls, who comforts me fully.

God is faithful. I've known this since I read the gospel, ever since I heard the words of tenderness of the Son of the Father. His presence, his miracles, his agony, his triumph, are also mine. 

I no longer walk in uncertainty. The great door of hope is open. I have a who won't let me. I can trust and move on. 

When only you stay for me, I learn to part with false human "assurances." I have understood how weak the human heart is, it’s terrible capacity of hurting.

Instead, You are faithful and good. You are the true Friend who gave your life, also for the weak, for the sinner, for the needy. 

Jesus, the time comes to take a step towards abandonment. I put myself in your hands, like so many men and women of the past and the present. 

There's no night in my heart anymore. I walk in You, Good Shepherd who holds me in your arms...

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