When You Hit With a Wall
In those moments there is a danger of standing idly by. Despondency invades hearts.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

The idea seemed good. We started starting it. We solve the first difficulties. Suddenly, we reached an insurmountable wall. We can't go on. 

The walls we can find are so many, sometimes totally unexpected. There's no money left in the bank. The decisive answer is not answered by the friend who had the decisive answer in his hands. The doctor in whom we put so much hope... 

A project, a path, an effort, have culminated in a point that does not allow to glimpse prospects to move forward. The heart whispers that it is now time to resign itself to the inevitable. 

There is a danger of sitting with our arms crossed. Despondency invades hearts. A strange sense of failure dominates the landscape.

However, that wall is not the last word. Not in one's own life, not in the lives of others. On one side, on the other, or perhaps backwards, other paths are open. It's time for readjustments. 

Then we discovered that a wall is simply a "no" to something and a "yes" to something that until now may seem insignificant but encloses surprising riches.

We will have heard it more than once: when a door closes, a window opens. An earthly window, with its new risks and promises. And an eternal window: beyond this life there is a wonderful horizon where a good Father awaits us. 

Life goes on. In it, what do family, friends, acquaintances ask me? Above all, what does God ask me, what is he telling me before this wall?

With my soul open and available, I must give an answer. It will be good if I allow the Lord to direct my life, if I trust in his Word, if I learn to read my whole story from the unique key that gives meaning to everything: God loves me always, his mercy is eternal...

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