Knowledge and Happiness
Knowledge is, in short, an important ingredient on the road to happiness.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

Is one happier when he knows more? The question may arise in the face of so much suffering and pain that characterize human existence. 

In the face of pain, one wonders about its origin, about its meaning, about the concrete ways to alleviate it, even about the options that can prevent or eliminate it.

Those questions seek knowledge, seek explanations, seek remedies. In one sense, we thought that finding valid answers could do much to avoid so many pains.

The pursuit of happiness is also accompanied by questions: where is it located? How to achieve it? Is it possible for everyone? Are there good paths and bad paths to happiness? 

For some, finding answers to these questions, better knowing remedies for pain and routes to joy, would allow us to move toward happiness.

Numerous philosophers and thinkers of the past and present have offered and offered theories about happiness. They want to help people from valid knowledge to guide their choices and find ways to peace and joy. 

Not all theories correspond to the truth, nor are everyone able to understand and practice them. Moreover, even the best theory of happiness cannot relieve those who live under grave injustices and evils, narrated by literature and history, and experienced so many times in one's own personal experience.

Despite the difficulties, the search for truths in these subjects is seen as a path that brings us closer to happiness. Because intelligence guides and accompanies our decisions when it reaches criteria by which to better understand what human life means and about affordable goods in every situation.

Knowledge is, in short, an important ingredient on the road to happiness. It is not enough, because happiness depends on many external factors. But it guides, even comforts, by placing facts and situations in a just context, and by opening up prospects of hope when it is discovered, for example, that there is a God who guarantees the ultimate victory of good and justice.



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