Cheerful People Heal
Joy is, above all, health promotion.

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The French doctor and writer F. Rabelais (1492-1553), who frequented the main universities of France, who studied medicine in Montpellier, who worked as a surgeon in Lyon and with coenobitic experience, stated that:


"Cheerful people... heal."

Happy people... usually avoid possible depressions and diseases.

They tend to temper nerves and tensions.

They tend to calm tension and clashes.

The happy people... tend to be people of faith and hope.

They are usually kind, generous, and charitable.

They bring joy, joviality, smile and sometimes hilarity.

Cheerful people... usually transmit serenity, optimism, peace.

They bring tranquility, bonanza and well-being.

They offer encouragement - encouragement - and quality of life.


Happy people... usually provide cordiality and share their happiness.

They try to give strength to continue, fight and love.

They give the best gift that is true friendship.


As E. V. Alexander says: «Joy will be a small virtue; but such torrents of light scatter in life, that the darkest fog and the blackest storm are powerless to dispel their luminous and benevolent influence.

As J. Addison, English writer, founder of The Spectator magazine, said: «Joy is, above all, health promotion».


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