Can We Free Ourseleves From Prejudice?
Let us think for a moment of ways to free ourselves from the ballast of prejudice.

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It's easy, and we've made it difficult: we can avoid false prejudices, inaccurate or misleading ideas. Really? Let us think for a moment of ways to free ourselves from the burden of prejudice. 

We start from one fact: the passage of time imprisons us with hundreds of ideas of little value, if they are not wrong. 

Some come from concrete experiences. One day I drank water in a village. Then I concluded, exaggeratedly, that the water in that place was always harmful, at least to me. 

Other ideas come from media outlets, which sometimes act as real manipulation experts. When I think that all the citizens of X country are informal because I read it in a sympathetic editorial, I surely lack the truth and justice. Many people in that place may incur that defect, but easy generalizations lead to the prejudice of considering that a majority equals all. 

Prejudices, once they enter the soul, nest and condition the ways of seeing, thinking, speaking. Therefore, we easily lack justice, we come to negative attitudes towards people or places, we limit the horizons of the mind, we close ourselves to the truth. 

Let us now look at the center of the question: is it possible to avoid prejudice? If we let them be born, if we feed them through a constant hammering of lies or half-truths, certainly not. 

But if we get into the habit of thinking about our experiences more calmly; if we learn to listen to or read those that appear in the news in a critical spirit; if we have an open mind and in love with justice and truth. then we will have an immunized intelligence and heart for many (hopefully all) misleading prejudices. 

The world needs men and women who think calmly and have their own souls away from the swarm of prejudices that stun and lash out our lives. If we avoid them, if we eradicate those who have been able to enter one's mind, justice and truth will advance. There will then be fewer unjustly stigmatized beings, and more hearts willing to welcome, learn and reflect on people and events with a healthy, serene and open perspective to the riches of the near and far.


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