Avalanches of Lies and Heroes of Truth
In the way of human history, it is necessary to ask God for strength to see things as they are

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

An avalanche carries everything before it. There are virtually no human forces to stop it. The damage it causes is incalculable. 

There are avalanches of lies in the world. On a small level: that gossip that repeats over and over again a false story that many already consider true. 

A big level: when a "news" or manipulated text rotates and rotates, it goes from blogs to press, then to books, then to Wikipedia, then back to books and books...

The avalanche is irreconcilable. The lie has triumphed and dominates the minds and hearts of millions of people. 
Some shy voice warns of the error, denounces the deception, seeks to point out how the whole lie began to remove it, 

There is almost nothing to do: the repeated lie is so strong thousands of times that putting it in doubt is absurd, even dangerous.

But as much as a lie is repeated over and over again, the truth retains all its value, and lying will one day reveal its inconsistency. 

As that day comes, in today's world, as in the past, some heroes of truth overcome deception, see things as they are, help others take off their bandages, 

They are men and women who sometimes lack means, but who know how to reason in a simple way, with that common sense that so frightens the professionals of deception.

Thanks to those heroes you can raise a small dam in the face of such a lie. The eyes begin to see that defending it as a right was a crime, and that such a pleasant political system was a colossal deception.


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