What Does The Church Say About Work?
Compendium of Eclessials messages referring to the topic of work.

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«When it is not possible to eliminate the disability, you can always exploit the potentialities that the handicap does not destroy... Among the rights that need to be guaranteed cannot be forgotten the rights to study, to work, to the house, to the suppression of barriers, not just architectural ones. For parents, it is also important to know that society takes over the so-called “after us”, allowing them to see their diminished sons or daughters entrusted to the caring care of a community willing to take care of them with respect and love» (John Paul II, Jubilee of the Disabled, 3. XII. 2000). 

« Dear scientists, it is a great responsibility that you are called to assume. You are asked to come to the service of the good of people and of all humanity, always attentive to the dignity of every human being and to the respect of creation. All scientific approaches need ethical support and a wise openness to a respectful culture of the person. This is precisely what the writer Jean Guitton underlines when he states that scientific research should never separate the spiritual aspect of the intellectual (cf. Le travail intellectuel. Conseils a ceux qui etudient et a ceux qui ecrivent, 1951, p. 29)» (John Paul II, Jubilee of the scientific world, 25. V. 2000). 

"Therefore, in the project of God the work appears as a right-duty. Necessary for the goods of the earth to be useful to the life of the men and of the society, it contributes to orient the human activity towards God in the fulfillment of its mandate to subdue the earth... of the Gospel of Christ derives the teaching of the apostles and the Church; it derives a true and characteristic Christian spirituality from work, which has found an eminent expression in the Constitution Gaudium et Spes of the Second Vatican Ecumenical Council (cf. nn. 3339 and 6372). After centuries of serious social and ideological tensions, the contemporary world, increasingly interdependent, needs this “gospel of work”, so that human activity promotes the authentic development of people and all humanity“ ( John Paul II, Homily in the celebration of the Jubilee of the Workers, 1. V. 2000). 

«In today's society, often frantic and competitive, in which the logic of production and profit prevails, sometimes to the detriment of the person, it is even more necessary that each one can enjoy adequate rest periods, in order to recover the energies and at the same time to recover the right balance inside. It is necessary to use the holidays to benefit the person and the family, thanks to the contact with nature, tranquility, the opportunity to cultivate family harmony, good readings and healthy recreational activities; and especially thanks to the possibility of dedicating more time to the prayer, to the contemplation and to the listening of God» (John Paul II, Marian Meditation, 23. VII. 2000). 



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