Work Must Respect Human Dignity And Serve The Common Good
Words of Pope Benedict XVI who expresses himself in relation to work as part of the divine project.

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At 9.30 today, in the Vatican Basilica, Benedict XVI presided over the Holy Mass for the workers, in memory of the day of Saint Joseph, whose solemnity is celebrated Monday morning, as the 19th of March coincided this year with the third Sunday of Lent. 

Cardinal Camillo Ruini, vicar general for the diocese of Rome, was concelebrated with the Pope; bishop Giuseppe Betori, secretary general of the Italian Episcopal Conference and bishop Arrigo Miglio, president of the Italian Episcopal Commission for Social Problems and work, justice and peace, who at the beginning of the mass congratulated the Holy Father for his onomastic. 

In the homily, Benedict XVI recalled that the Bible shows that "work belongs to the original condition of the human being" and is part of the "divine project". "The Son of God, making himself in everything like us, was devoted for many years to manual activities, so much so that he became known as the" son of the carpenter. " 

"The Church, -he said-, has always shown, especially in the last century, attention and solicitude for this field of society, as attested by the numerous social interventions of the Magisterium and the action of multiple Christian inspired associations, some of which are gathered here today to represent the whole world of workers. " 

The Pope stressed that the work "is very important for the realization of man and for the development of society, and therefore, it is necessary to organize and develop always in full respect for human dignity and the service of the common good. At the same time, it is indispensable that man should not be subjected to work, which he does not idolaters, pretending to find in him the ultimate and definitive meaning of life”. In this context, he stated "that the biblical teaching on the work finds its coronation in the commandment of the rest." 

After highlighting that "the work activity must serve the true good of humanity", the Holy Father said that for it "the necessary technical and professional capacity is not enough; it is not enough to create a just and attentive social order for the good of all. It is necessary to live a spirituality that helps believers to sanctify themselves through work, imitating Saint Joseph, who every day had to provide the needs of the Holy Family with his hands and therefore the Church considers him patron of the workers. His testimony shows that man is the subject and protagonist of the work. " 

Benedict XVI concluded by entrusting St. Joseph "to the young people who can barely get into the world of work, the unemployed and those who suffer the inconvenience due to the widespread labor crisis." 

"That together with Mary, his wife, take care Saint Joseph on all the workers and obtain for the families and for all the humanity serenity and peace. That contemplating this great Saint, Christians learn to testify in all labor fields the love of Christ, source of true solidarity and stable peace. "

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