And if we get back together?
Tips to help you in this new stage of reconciliation in your marriage.

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It is said that second chances are not good, however, in the last few years there has been a tendency to reconcile between couples who had been apart for years, even with signed divorces, and, against all odds, these second parts are good and work just fine.

The majority of couples who try to be together after a divorce, assure the second time they are not getting together with the same person they divorced, due to time, maturity and circumstances which have changed them.

According to psychologists, elaborating conflict is key to the reunion of a couple that fell apart. Keeping in mind that old problems have been settled with the divorce is vital so as not to bring the mistakes of the past to the renewed relationship.

Breakup in many cases helps to see again the forgotten virtues of our partner, previous problems disappear and now they realize they seek the same objectives. It is true that there is no guarantee this time it will work a hundred percent fine, but chances grow if both partners have improved their communication skills, share values, costumes and a life project.

In Family Net we provide some tips that may help you out in this new stage of reconciliation in your marriage:

You must be realistic with what you expect from the relationship.

Value the changes that maturity and time have given you to get to know each other once more and create new ways of interacting.

Avoid bringing past mistakes to this new stage.

Establish new communication channels and coexistence rules. Sometimes, it is necessary to step down a bit from demand and pride to really value what our marriage means, so as to resume it with greater enthusiasm and resolve. Because in love and family lies the solution. 

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