And if the doctor fails in an abortion...
Can judges, called to defend justice, especially those affecting the weakest and most vulnerable, consider that child's birth?

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A woman asks for an abortion. The law in her country allows it. Goes to the doctor. The "appropriate" procedure is used. The woman returns home. Soon she finds that the kid is still alive. Weeks pass. The kid is born. 

Facts of this kind have occurred in several countries. On some occasions, the woman has turned to the judges to accuse the doctor of negligence: if she ordered an abortion in the first few weeks, the result had to have been achieved. 

This was the case, for example, in Spain. In April 2010 a woman went to a hospital in Palma de Mallorca to have an abortion. Several weeks later she discovered that the son was still alive in the womb. After his birth, she started a trial for the doctor's "negligence". 

The judges' sentence became known in May 2012: the "guilty" of not having done an abortion "good" had to pay, first, 150 thousand euros for the aftermath and "irreparable" damage caused to the woman. In addition, he had to pay, until the son did not turn 25, 987 euros per month; that is, the amount of 270 thousand euros. 

Such a sentence raises endless questions. Is the birth of an unloved child harmed? Is it that a doctor, called by vocation to defend life and care for the sick, does not fulfill his obligations if he does not eliminate the life of a child before he is born when asked? Can judges, called to defend justice, especially those affecting the weakest and most vulnerable, consider that child's birth? 

The answers seem easy in the context in which these facts and similar events have occurred: if the law in Spain allows abortion, the doctor in charge of serving a request in that regard would have the "obligation" to perform his "work" well. But this is the central point of the question: is a society just where there are people who have a duty to eliminate innocent human beings? 

The sentence to which we have just referred simply reflects a deranged world, where a crime, the elimination of a child, has become not only a right but even a duty. Already John Paul II had warned of the seriousness of such situations, which come to seem "normal" where abortion has been legalized. 

Some, acutely, have pointed out how the mother of the Spanish-born child will behave in the future "by mistake". You're going to explain to your son that he tried to kill him, and he didn't make it? Will it make you see that "thank you" to a doctor's incompetence in using his knowledge to kill unborn people has received thousands of euros to take good care of him? Will it take you a day to meet the doctor who acted with so little expertise and then gave them so much money, if the sentence becomes enforceable? 

These are not imaginary questions. A society that hides injustices and does not reveal them to innocent victims becomes an accomplice to evil. 

On the other hand, looking into the eyes of these kinds of absurd situations will allow, in justice-loving hearts and defenders of the weak, to take the necessary steps to abolish abortion in all its forms, and to promote adequate aid to those women who initiate pregnancy in difficult situations, for the sake of mothers and their children.

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