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Chaste love enhances souls. Víctor Hugo

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The omnipresence of sex
It is true that, since the world is world, sex has always had a great presence in all civilizations. The instinct of conservation and the sexual instinct (which is like the instinct of conservation of the species) are the strongest impulses to which man has always been subdued.
However, we are perhaps now in a somewhat special time. As Julián Marías affirms, "sex occupies an absolutely unparalleled space with the one that corresponds to it at any other time". It is a commercial claim that is disseminated massively, and the presence of images and sexual stimuli in the life of today's man has no comparison with any other time or culture.
A high percentage of the erotic impulses of man or woman today are a direct consequence of some artificial incitement, almost always through images in the media or entertainment, or the memory of those images remains in the memory and feeds the imagination. And almost all these images come from tv, video, movies, internet, videogames, illustrations of magazines..., which are means that not many decades ago did not exist, or at least people had very limited access to. And they are images that are usually presented in an inciting or provocative way.
I do not want this to fall into that somewhat simple complaint, which has been repeated all the time about the dominant immorality compared to previous times. I am not in favor of this topic that makes so many to enlarge the evils present and idealize the past, among other things because it would not be serious to think that our time is much worse than others in which the exact same thing was said. I think that some things will have improved compared to past times, and others do not. But it is a fact that at present the sexual stimulation is hypertrophied in many environments and many people, because this flood of inflammatory images leads easily to a certain obsession, largely induced and, of course, unfavorable for the healthy development of the psychology and morality of anyone. When it is seen that for many sex becomes a recurrent subject of their conversations, constant object of their desires and morbid anxiety of their accomplishments, it would not be very risky to say that the genitalia has Invaded their minds and has left wasteland large areas of their human potentialities.
Well, there's been a stage of sexual repression, and it's logical that now comes a little obsession with sex.
I think it is necessary to be sympathetic to the pendulum effects, which sometimes lead to erroneous ends as a reaction to other stages in the opposite error. But it cannot be said to be self-conduct of enlightened minds.
Sexual obsession is not the most appropriate treatment to heal anyone a few years of repression.
Overexposure to the erotic is a notable detriment to the affection and morality of man, and perhaps so far the society has not valued sufficiently. That is why the damage caused by those who do business exploiting the lowest passions of others is so serious, as they are enriched at the cost of overrunning the morale of people and the social environment.

Damage to the affection
Many people find that the image inside the sex is distorted. Notice that his eyes have become cloudy. That his affection has been damaged, and his image of sex is not precisely that of a way of expressing tender and deep love to the loved one. That his imagination and his memory are artificial and morbidly polarized towards sexual desire.

"And what do you think they should do?"
To discover the richness of full love, to get to know and really fall in love, and not simply to wish another to satiate the desire for sex, they will need a remarkable effort so that their attention is not absorbed by the external and purely sexual aspects of the Someone else.
Of entry, it is advisable not to be too astonished to see how intense the sexual instinct can be supercharged by that omnipresence of the erotic. That pull can be indeed very strong, and at times arise even in oppressive way. Rightly channeling it will be undoubtedly costly, but not a permanent effort, as it is presented only at some point in time.
For those who learn to stay to a prudent distance of the clearest occasions, it can be said that it is only a small set of isolated efforts that don't cost that much.
In addition, abandoning the misuse of sex tends to be even more tiring, and easily leads to anguish and psychological conflicts that do not compensate at all. It is enough to think, for example, in the anxiety of the boy who, instead of enjoying friendship or dating, spends the night trying different strategies, with all his procession of tensions and frustrations, to get seduced his prey... to check after that So longed pleasure... It wasn't that big a deal.
Instead, the struggle to live chastity gives man an opportunity to gain a lot precisely in his dignity as a person, because one of the things that distinguish us from animals is that we are able to educate our impulses.

And how has God made us so difficult?
And why has God put such an intense desire on man, if he then turns out to be evil?
We have already said that sexual desire is not bad in itself, much less. Lust -the misuse of sex -is a deformation of legitimate human sexual appetite, just as liver cancer is an alteration of the liver, an organ that has nothing of ignoble.

Confusing sexual desire
With lust, it would be like confusing an organ, with the tumor that's destroying it.
In the same way that a tumor destroys an organ when its own cells have a developmental alien to its natural function, it can be said that the pursuit of sexual pleasure outside its natural laws causes an alteration in the natural sexual function of man.
The great energies (such as the sexual impulse, without which the person cannot mature as such), if they are disconnected from their original human unit, can display a great power of destruction. Well-lived sexuality in marriage is a great thing, but outside its natural limits is something really dangerous: just as it is great to make fire on a winter's day in the chimney, but it is dangerous to light it on top of the carpet or couch.

Art and pornography
"And don't you exaggerate a little sometimes with what the naked means?" It does not always have to be considered pornographic, it can be an artistic expression.
In all periods, and especially in classical Greek art, there are works whose theme is the naked human body. And if they are true art, these works help to understand the personal mystery of man, and do not incite to reduce the man or woman to a mere object of pleasure. True art ennobles everything that is human, while pornography turns human intimacy into an object of public desire.
If culture has shown throughout history a clear tendency to cover the nakedness of the body, it is not only by climatic exigencies, but also as a result of a process of growth of the personal sensibility: The man does not want to become object for the Others, and the need to watch over the intimacy of the body itself reinforces the very depth of the subject as a person. It is worth remembering how, for example, in the extermination camps the rape of the modesty was a method consciously used to destroy the personal sensibility and the sense of human dignity. It is not a matter of puritan mentality or narrow morality. It is an issue that affects the very dignity of the person.


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