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If you don't live as you think, you'll end up thinking how you live.

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I will never forget when more than 13 years ago we began to listen to the first reggaeton songs that arrived in Colombia. Some of them were quiet, you could say that even tender – "Mis ojos lloran por ti", "Todavía me acuerdo de ti", etc.-and others, instead, had a different kind of tenderness-"Felina", "Gata Fiera", etc.

It turned out to be quite drastic change in five years of listening to "rice pudding I want to get married..." To "Gata Fiera, a mi no me vas a Aruñar...", it is true.  But It is also true that everyone sang these songs and therefore it was natural that we also did.

I know many of you must be thinking, "Great! This is one of those sanctimonious articles that will forbid me to listen to the music I like. " I hope you continue reading and realize that it is not really so.


Music and culture

I’m not an expert in music, much less, but I dare say that practically all cultures, throughout history, have had different musical manifestations, and be it by instruments, singing or simply by arranging sounds in a harmonious way.

We can think of music and see in it a way to connect with ourselves, with nature, with others and with God. Sometimes we listen to a song and remember moments saved in the past, moments of great joy and even moments of pain. Sometimes we usually have a melody or a phrase stuck for days, even for months and play again and again a song to satisfy the desire to listen to it.

The music we love talks a lot about who we really are. If you like romantic songs, maybe a ballad or a bolero, and you listen to them over and over again dreaming of what the songs narrate, you're probably not the kind of person who acts like a jerk during a date. Although if, on the contrary, you like reggaeton and dream that you happen what the songs narrate, probably not live very according to San Lucas.

It does not mean that if one day while you're dancing sounds a song of moral distracted and discover that you know the lyrics and, besides, you're singing a complete -or a complete-worldly. It's just worth thinking about what kind of music we listen to.


How do you know if what I hear is worth it?

If when listening to a song, whatever the genre is, and we realize that the lyrics are offensive, vulgar, or simply contrary to what we believe or think, Is it really worthwhile to continue listening to it?

It is true that many times are sticky, the rhythm or rhyme we like and we can think: "Hey, it's just a song, does not mean that I believe or like anything they say." This is true, in fact many times it is so. However, listening to lyrics that go against our values is to be completely clean in a dirty room, as clean as we are, little by little some of that dirt is going to stay.


In conclusion?

My invitation with this article is to seek to acquire musical tastes that allow us, as Pope Benedict XVI said, to appreciate beauty so that we can appreciate beauty (note that refers to God), and not wasting time filling our minds, our bodies and our time with messages that go against our values and that, at the time of the hour, do not bring anything to us. If we're going to sing or dance a message, make it one that's worth it!  

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