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Faith, believing, needs to understand, without understanding and this is only achieved from a generous heart

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Loving is, among other things, understanding the person you love. For greater love, one should seek to better understand the other, even when this is difficult.

Indeed, many are the spouses who say that the most difficult thing in marriage is to adapt to the personality of the spouse, to agree to it.

The causes of this difficulty are certainly diverse. Speaking directly of the main problem, is that husbands do not remember that their wives are women, and behave like women, while wives often make the mistake of wanting their husbands to act not as men, but as women.

You already know: men are men and women are women. Not to forget it.

You can avoid this problem, or find the solution more easily, if you become aware of what is proper to man and what is proper to women.

This learning should already be done in the courtship stage.Let each boyfriend understand his girlfriend in his wife's reactions and let each girlfriend accept that her boyfriend behaves like a man.

As simple as that. So simple to understand, not so easy to practice.

Creating a united couple is for everyone a legitimate desire.Everyone wants to be one, everyone wants to walk hand in hand.This ambition everyone has and it is not enough to strive to know the other, it is also necessary to know oneself well.I must know my own personality and that of my spouse, and know how to harmonize them, how to assemble them.

On that path of knowing and knowing the other, I must reflect on several points that are essential for unity.

I must start from the fact that man is a man and woman is a woman with all the characteristics that differentiate them. I must never forget this circumstance.

The physical constitution of the two is different. Their reactions are different even in the same circumstance.

The way of knowing things varies in man and this is a product of his way of being manly. Women perceive things in different ways and get to know them with different nuances.

Everyone loves, but everyone loves their way. The man does not love the same as the woman. The love of man is almost always born in the brain, in its thinking face, then perhaps it goes down to the heart level, but it always starts from its thinking part. Not so in women. She always puts the heart ahead.

And finally there is his religious life. Often the woman is more religious, more believing than the man. This comes from what we have mentioned before: the religious is closer to the heart than to the brain.

Believing moves more, excites more.Things can be reasoned, but the mystery of faith can not be reasoned, hence the woman is easier to believe, because she is more inclined to first use the heart and then if necessary, think.

Faith, believing, needs to understand, without understanding and this is only achieved from a generous heart.

What does this mean? That sometimes we see that we understand this, that we do not understand, and this is only achieved from a generous heart; from an open heart.

That's where the depth of faith really grows and the depth of what we believe grows.


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