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The theory, is there a relation between life and reality?

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, LC | Source:

Contempt for theories has occurred in many places and in different times. For what reasons? 

Sometimes, because it is thought that theory has no relation to life. Other times, because it is presented as far from reality. Or because it's complicated. Or because for some it only has the practical value. 

Despite the many criticisms, theories have an inevitable place in human existence, on a personal level and at the collective level.

Most decisions are supported by the theories that one welcomes. They live in a very different way who accept that there is a life after death and those who think that there is no such life. And both positions are theoretical. 

In addition, the theories base the way of organizing of the family (for example, by limiting the marriage to two parties), of the state, of the laws, of the parliaments.

Equally, theories serve to approve or condemn behaviors and decisions of others. No one can declare unfair a dismissal if you do not have a theory about what justice is. 

Even criticisms of theories, ideas, systems of thought, with Theologies, are built from budgets and principles, i.e. from theories...

It is worth the theories of Aristotle's famous saying: You always have to philosophize, also when you want to show that philosophy is useless, because you need to prove it philosophically. 

Theories are, therefore, inseparable companions of our existence. They will be better or worse, they will be more complete or partial, they will be minority or very widespread, but they will always be there, beside us.

Therefore, if no one can dispense with a theory, it is worth a healthy effort to analyze what one carries within his mind and heart, to purify it from errors and to improve it in order to lead, effectively, to truth, good and beauty.

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