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In the Present World, Responsibility is one of the Central Points of Ethics.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, LC | Source:

The responsibility exists thanks to a very simple fact: we are free before much of what we do or what we stop doing. Who broke the glass? Who left the computer on? Who messed up the kitchen? Who forgot to close the door?

With questions like that we want to know who was responsible for certain actions that, in many cases, have harmful consequences. We can not forget, also, that many other actions have good consequences and are constructed from ethically valid options.

Think, for example, of those who help an old man to take his medicines, or of those who put order in the room to facilitate family life.

From attentive minds and from wills oriented to the good, we are able to initiate processes that contribute to improvements in the family, in the city, even in the world.

That is possible thanks to that dimension of freedom that is so linked to responsibility. Because we are only responsible for what we freely did or did not do.

The responsibility, say some authors, is one of the central points of ethics in the present world. In fact, it has always been the object of attention of any philosophical vision oriented according to sound principles and complete anthropologies.

Every day we have before us endless challenges, requests, desires, urgencies and moments of rest. According to what we decide, the evil becomes more insidious, or the good advances and produces improvements. The responsibility is in our hands.

Now we have to decide what we are going to do. We will do it correctly if we accept good advice and we look at our world and the world that awaits each of us after death, when we will meet God who is a just Judge and appreciates every effort we have made for love of brothers ...

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