Abortion is Not the Only Way Out
A pro-life video against Bachelet's abortionist policy.

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Given the argument of their advocates that "abortion is the solution to the drama of unwanted pregnancy", the platform "No one left behind" says that "the accompaniment works and should be considered as a solution that benefits the mother and the child, because in Chile no one spare.

The open debate in Chile after the decriminalization of the abortion proposed by its president, Michelle Bachelet, has provoked the mobilization of pro-life organizations, which raise society the consequences of the legalization of practices that end the life of the unborn.

In this context, the civic platform "Nobody left behind", which finds in the social networks a way to spread its message, has released a video showing that "Accompanying women with unwanted or vulnerable pregnancies is an option that gives concrete results".

The trigger of the video was the statements of the Minister of the National Service of Women (Sernam), Claudia Pascual, on the occasion of the commemoration of the International Women's Day held last March 8.

In her speech, the minister said that "as a government we could not shirk our responsibility to legislate against such an important issue for women. We know that there are different opinions, but we also know that the current situation that penalizes the termination of pregnancy in all circumstances leaves women without an alternative."

According to ACIPRENSA, Pascual added that the Government is not seeking "to impose any vision or opinion", but "to open the possibilities for women to decide".

With help, they prefer not to abort.

At the beginning of the video, and in the mouth of the advocates of abortion, is stated that "abortion is the solution to the drama of unwanted pregnancy." However, "abortion is actually an extreme decision before which there are other options that host the mother and protect her child's life", she continues.

In fact, "of the total number of women who, at some point thought of aborting, but were willing to receive psychosocial support, 93% ended up giving life to their children and in the vast majority of cases chose to stay with them

There is also a warning that "there is no law or body in Chile that formally promotes the accompaniment of women with unwanted or vulnerable pregnancies. Worse, still, the few programs that existed for this purpose have been eliminated, leaving the accompaniment exclusively in the hands of NGO and volunteer groups. "

From the #NoOneLeftBehind platform, is also stressed that "we cannot be conformed to a country that makes abortion a single outlet for unforeseen or vulnerable pregnancy."

"The accompaniment works and should be considered as a solution that benefits the mother and the son, because in Chile no one is left", the video concludes.

#NoOneLeftBehind had already published another video explaining where they knock down some "myths" about the possible benefits of decriminalization of abortion. They have also released videos of testimonies from people who, from their experience, manifest their position in favor of the life and dignity of women and the unborn.

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