Abortion as False Liberalism
The abortion movement is presented to us as if it were part of the progressive vanguard, confusing people of very good will.

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The abortion movement is presented to us as if it were part of the progressive vanguard, confusing people of very good will who honestly seek the good of women. But it's a big lie.

It's false that women's freedom and abortion are part of the same package. Is possible to promote and fight decisively for women, for gender equality, and to be equally resolved in favour of human life and dignity. In fact, the second stance is much more coherent and reasonable. Children do not conspire against women, but this sexist culture that reduces them to second-hand people.

Abortion advocates are also trying to justify themselves on the grounds that they seek women's health by various means. However, as is evident, abortion is not necessary to any practice of supervision or promotion of health, nor of freedom. The nut of abortion is in the deep contempt of the life and dignity of women and children.

Since its inception, abortion has been associated with eugenics, to that ideology which states that only the fittest and gifted physically, intellectually or economically deserve to live, for which it is necessary to prevent their birth by elimination or prevention. In the first half of the century it was justified by racial and social class motives. In the second half, music has changed somewhat, but not the lyrics, straightening against people "whose lives do not deserve to be lived" as are the poor, disabled, who may have problems in their development according to narcissistic welfare standards, or plainly the "unwanted" as propaganda reads.

Let's Think about how —to cite an example— abortion practices have caused the near disappearance of people with Down Syndrome in England and Spain, where nine out of 10 pregnancies with this prognosis end in the annihilation of the little one.

Could anyone explain why the lives of these people qualify as "unwanted"? Why are they considered undignified? Why do their lives "do not deserve to be lived" if they have demonstrated over and over again their enormous capacity to love? We could also ask ourselves for the systematic elimination of women through abortion in China or India, and increasingly in the West, a matter silenced by the promoters of abortion. In the end, we will always come to the same answer: they do it for the contempt of human life.

Among the great contemporary philosophers, who understood it clearly was Max Horkheimer, one of the founders of the Frankfurt School, who looked with great sympathy for the encyclical Humanae Vitae of Paulo VI. In this the Pope made prophetic denunciation of the antinatalist mentality of our time which, as the German philosopher demonstrated, was in the heart of Germany Nazi. It is no coincidence that today the great champions of abortion are also euthanasia, disguise their sayings with euphemisms as "assisted suicide" or "dignified death."

Is time to arm yourself with courage and to question yourself honestly, with pain if necessary, what is progressive about a position whose proposal is to kill human beings? It must be said without obstacles. Abortion is a fundamental piece of culture that despises the dignity of the weak and helpless. In abortion we will find death; never freedom and much less justice.



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