Reflecting on family
How to find the "love of your life"?

intensity in the way we communicate

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Reflecting on family
How to find the "love of your life"?

Of the most important aspects to consider in the family, it is the consolidation of the pillar that constitutes the couple, and a means to achieve it is the communication between them since it will constantly update the knowledge between both, which will facilitate their unity, at the same time that can generate strength, which is reflected in the emotional consolidation of the children.

Many people believe, talking about the couple, that the "love of their life" they will find, unfortunately, there is no love, true love is BUILT, it is a constant activity, that moved by the love of the other person, It opens us to reflection, to self-knowledge, to sharing, to discernment, to have an optimistic view of the different crises that life has for us.

Crises that are part of life and that signal changes, growth, and maturation, if they are seen with a positive attitude, and serve to grow, mature and strengthen the relationship. In the face of crises, you can even ask for help from a professional such as a family counselor, psychologist or even a priest, but also crises can lead to despair, breakdown, depression, and ruin, personal if they are not well taken, and a tool to achieve it, it is precisely communication.

It is also believed that true love is perfect and that if you love you should not ask for forgiveness, because it is assumed that there would be no reason for it, reality marks something else, as the spouses through recognizing their mistakes, and even that He continues to be wrong, he takes him to the path of forgiveness and starts again, achieving humility. You only learn to love from mistakes and sufferings, making the most of your resources such as communication, intuition, dedication, care, time, spirituality, in addition to slowly and patiently correcting the recurring selfish temptations that make you see your life as parallel of the spouse, and not as a we with the possibility of growing and maturing. And it is not easy to register us when the self has been strongly affirmed, that is the reality of the current world because we are educated to the competition, to excel, to success, but always individually, the challenge today is to live the reciprocity, which is the continuous giving and receiving to strengthen the "we".

Another element to consider is the "trust" in the other to overcome the moments of incomprehension and avoid communication cracking, and that is even in the silence is communicated, so it is important to be aware of what and how we communicate, and about everything that coincides with our verbal communication, with our non-verbal communication, that is our gestures, forms, even intensity in the way we communicate.

It is therefore important to take into account some elements for good communication, such as being clear, direct, timely, prudent, at the right time and in the right place, always expressing what you want, what you feel, from a message. that is, assuming responsibility for my actions, and not blaming others for our situation, so we can say: "I feel ... when you ..." and avoid the "you make me feel ..." in the first case I assume my responsibility, in the second I blame another.

Well, this communication is an art that starts and perfects according to what we want, and it's never too late to start, so cheer up.

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