To technical knowledge, you have to add diverse virtues

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To technical knowledge, you have to add diverse virtues.

Master's degrees, bachelor's degrees, doctorates are the concern of many today. It would be stupid to denounce the interest in good university preparation. It is a necessary condition but not sufficient.
A good language teacher is not one who knows a lot about that subject, he is the one who cares to teach each student as if he were the only one, with enough psychology to learn with pleasure, be interested in the spelling and syntax and have an interest in knowing and knowing.
A good doctor attends to his patients, being interested in the concerns that his ailment generates. Surely you know a lot about medicine but if you do not know empathy, you will not get good results.
A good commercial is not just selling, you can be interested in the needs of your customers and offer the product that best suits them. You will get an unconditional client.
Some people study career and dedicate themselves to another completely different profession. If they give priority to the effort, to honesty, to responsibility and want to excel, that is what matters.
The only profession that does not have a degree, that no university in the world offers training courses is the mother's and it is the most difficult. It gives you many satisfactions if you exercise it with dedication, wanting to improve yourself. I would not exchange it for any "doctorate cum laude"
There is an essential requirement: the total absence of selfishness. If there is no selfishness, you do not mind giving up your time, your whims, your leisure. You study again, you spend less, you reflect more. Everything you do for your children is returned to you with life.
It does not help to know much if we do not transmit and apply our knowledge. I love the words of Teresa of Calcutta: "There is no one so ignorant that I can not teach you something"
No matter what profession we work, the work we do. Everyone can be worthy, but "By their works, you will know them" Matthew 7, 15-20
Our example at work, at home, should be a faithful reflection of our faith. The best teacher is the example. We are not going to just go to Mass on Sundays and pray from time to time. If we want to be Jesus' apostles, we must imitate him.

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