Parents, heroes of the 21st century
Parents, heroes of the 21st century

Today, forming a family, taking care of getting it out is a challenge, only suitable for the brave.

Author: Roberto Allison Coronado L.C | Source:

Parents, heroes of the 21st century
Today, forming a family, taking care of getting it out is a challenge, only suitable for the brave.

By: Roberto Allison Coronado L.C | Source:

A feverish joy reached me when I saw the new trailer of the second part one of my favorite childhood films: The Incredibles 2. And now with a definition quality much better than 14 years ago, although the voices of the Latin Spanish dub are not the same (not everything in this world is perfect). Soon we will see the Parr again save the world against the forces of evil and, at the same time, the unity of his family.

My emotion increased when I glimpsed a bit the plot of the novel delivery. Elasticgirl will now take first place, while Mr. Increible will take on the task of fighting ... your child's math homework, or caring for Jack-Jack. 

In short, the legendary Bob Parr will carry on his shoulders the exciting and not less risky mission of being a father. The film will show us, as the unforgettable Edna Moda says, that "Fatherhood is a heroic act".

And he is not wrong at all. There is nothing riskier in our world than being a father. Daring to be a father implies going against the current, facing, again and again, the countless enemies that attack the family. That palatial and serene image of the oasis of family life was left behind. Today, forming a family, taking care of getting it out is a challenge, only suitable for the brave. Charles Péguy came to write:

    "Against the one who is outside the law, against the audacious, against the man who has such audacity, to have a wife and children, against the man who dares to found a family. Everything is against him. Everything is wisely organized against him. Everything revolts and conspires against him. Everything is against the father of a family, and as a consequence, against the same family, against family life ".

And I'm not exaggerating at all. Indeed, being a father today is the most anti-modern thing that exists. Against the modern winds that acclaim the absolute freedom of movement without any responsibility, rises the father of the responsible and faithful family. Against the current of a world that exalts the permissiveness without demand, which is ultimately a subtle indifference, the father reacts with a demanding love, that responsibly educates his children by setting limits and helping them to get the best out of themselves. The world praises successful men, businessmen, executives who have reached the top. However, there is also an immense multitude of anonymous parents, who do not need the zalamería of a world that licks their boots, because it is enough with the love of their family, their children. Your triumph is in your home. And that, the world disgusts it.


It's Charles Péguy,

    "Only he is immersed in the world, in the century. Only he is an adventurer, runs an adventure. Because others, to the maximum, are immersed only with their heads, which is nothing. He, on the other hand, is inside with all his life. "

Only he is the true hero, who fights the only battle of life. He dares to commit himself fully to love, to accept the risk of a frenetic daily life. His heroism may seem gray - what about heroics in taking children to school? - but only in appearance. Inside there is a whole heart that fights for the passion of his wife and family.

It's true: they do not save the world from inter-galactic tyrants to the style of Tony Stark and the Avengers. They only maintain and sustain a family with the sweat of their work. They do not possess the super-strength of a Hulk or the magic of a Dr. Strange. But they do fight every day with the strength of patience, sacrifice, and fidelity.

They are not generals of an elite army, nor oriental senseis that produce super-warriors. It is enough for them to introduce their son to the wonder of life, to teach them the art of living. They do not teach deadly keys, but they do accompany their children at soccer games, encourage them to overcome their fears, to throw a baseball ball more strongly or to go for the girl they like. They accompany you in the struggle of life. They know that the destiny of humanity is not a final battle against the terrible forces of evil. It is enough for them to live a more human world in their family, to make their woman happy, to make their home a drop of freshwater in the middle of the salty ocean of hatred and indifference. In the end, they are the ones who, with their humble and discreet work, are the ones who control the framework of our world.

I do not want, however, to do the poetry of fatherhood. Being a father is something wonderful, and I think it's time to realize that. It is necessary to revalue and appreciate the immense work they do. At the same time, I am aware that there are no perfect parents, that we live in a crisis of masculinity, in a society of absent parents.

Perhaps the first step to healing this absence is to thank your heart for its hidden heroism. And also dare to forgive. To forgive so many wounds, so many mistakes. I believe that today on this father's day, it would be worthwhile to apologize to each other, both parents and children. Renew a path of healing and forgiveness. And hopefully, at the end of the day, both children and parents can raise together that beautiful prayer that moves the heart of God immeasurably: Our Father, who are in heaven ...!

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