Dear Javier, Teresa, Blanca, Miguel, Alfonso and Nico ...
Dear Javier, Teresa, Blanca, Miguel, Alfonso and Nico ...

Pain can only be cured with love.

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Pain can only be cured with love.
Dear Javier, Teresa, Blanca, Miguel, Alfonso and Nico ...

May 2018; Pamplona, ​​Spain: In an accident, the parents and grandmother of 6 children have just died and a woman who lost a child a while ago in an accident wrote this letter to the children

Dear Javier, Teresa, Blanca, Miguel, Alfonso, and Nico:

I am María and I am writing this letter because I feel very close to you. You have just lost your parents and your grandmother in a terrible accident and I imagine that you still can not believe that this is real. A year ago, in an elevator accident, my oldest son, José, 17, went to heaven suddenly with his girlfriend, Belén.

I can not forget at any time how my heart broke when they gave me that news. Finding yourself with the death of such important people, in this way is something that destroys you and that causes you enormous grief.

I suppose you will be full of pain because you are brothers between 18 and 8 who need your parents and that overnight, you have stopped seeing them and will be at home missing them in each of the minutes they have the day. They have gone with your grandmother to heaven a few days after having lived the exciting graduation of Javier and a few days before the communion of Nico. Who can understand this? How are you going to digest this hard and unexpected episode?

First of all, although I do not know you and I have never seen you, I want to tell you that along with many other people who support you, I pray for you and I join with your pain. Losing your parents and your grandmother at a time in life when you need them so much is a huge task. This pain is going to be very deep and nobody can save you any of the tears that you are going to shed thinking about their physical absence.

But I would also like to speak to you from another place. Your parents and your grandmother have gone to heaven. After that tragic accident, God went to pick them up and took them to a place where they are living in fullness. They are well and in another very different way, they will take care of you and follow you in every minute of your life.

They have not left you. They have gone elsewhere. Believers live pain with the same intensity as people who do not believe but that pain, placed before God, has a color of hope. Your parents now will love you as always, but from a wonderful place where there is only love and kindness.

I have asked my son Jose to go to the gates of heaven to welcome your parents and your grandmother with a hug. I am sure that from there they are watching us and sending all their love. I love thinking about heaven and now I want to explain to you how I imagine that your parents will be living this moment.

I imagine that you will be happy to have met God and knowing how much they love you will be planning how, through your family on earth, your friends, your teachers and all the people you are going to know, will extend a network of love and protection to continue fulfilling their work as parents. I am sure that from this moment, you are already feeling their caresses through people who are supporting and comforting you, and through the enormous love of brothers that you are going to be able to amplify from now on. Well, that's the way it will be at all times. Your parents will continue to love each one of you from there and they will follow your steps holding hands, even if you can not see them with their eyes.

Your parents are happy and fun people who will make your life, despite this enormous task, a full life. They from heaven are going to make you join more than ever, that you experience among yourselves a great love and great strength to overcome the moments that life will bring you.

I talk to my son José every day and he is with me at all times. Since he went to heaven, I am no longer afraid and although there are very difficult days, I always find the strength to get up.

Well, I imagine your life from now on. Courage, dear Javier, Teresa, Blanca, Miguel, Alfonso, and Nico. Keep your heart very alert because that is where you will now receive the love and guidance of your parents and your grandmother.

Our relatives in heaven have united us forever and someday when God wants, we will all give ourselves a big hug and we will understand what now fills us with bitterness and despair.

By the way, José has asked me to tell you the latest news. The three of them - your father, mother, and grandmother - have reached heaven by a rocket. They came with kindness without limits and up there, they are doing a welcome party. When you are very sad, look at the sky and always, always, you will always find them. Never stop talking to them, to tell them your worries, to share with them your joys because they accompany you now from a wonderful place where one day, thank God, you will embrace them again.

Pain can only be cured with love. Love yourself very much, with all your strength and support the head in the Virgin.

A big hug, dear friends.
María Paramés

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