A Redeemed Family
Do not give up, follow God, wait on Him.

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My husband and I formed a reconstituted family (or "compound"), since we both suffered the misfortune of a previous divorce, we were abandoned by our respective spouses in the past and we were left alone with our children, as sole responsible for all their needs: emotional, material, economic and spiritual. For several years we faced life as single parents.


None of us wanted a divorce, we both fought for our ex-marriages, but in the end, those attempts did not prosper. So we both experience in our own flesh what is desolation, betrayal, abandonment, the pain of the end of a marriage, and how devastating it can be the decision of a person who irresponsibly decides to break the agreement between three people (God, husband and wife) that is marriage, destroying the divine project and throwing their children to the dysfunction of a family structure different from the one God created.


Years later, our Lord had mercy on us and, although we lived in different countries, he took us to know us. As soon as we met, we knew we would be husbands. After two weeks of interacting we were already in love. The love of Christ was the foundation on which we base our relationship and our marriage.


Only God can make those "goods" that many of us know. It was not a coincidence that we met, it was God's plan. He decided to listen to our prayers, to attend to our despair, to bless our children, to rescue us from loneliness, in short: to redeem ourselves. He looked at each tear, each night in prayer in the silence of our room, each day working hard for our children, each year of singleness struggling to survive the divorce and striving to seek His presence in our life. The miracle occurred, the day arrived, the answer came: we met. From the first day we knew that it was something different, unique, and that it came from above.


In total we have five children who live with us, three children and two girls. Becoming a family has, of course, taken a lot of time, dedication, sacrifice, unconditional love, intense work, incessant prayer, absolute dependence on God, extreme commitment, devotion, consecration, patience, trial, faith. But it is the Lord who has made the change, the transformation, the renewal. From being two mutilated families, we have become a complete family. Our children have created bonds of love between them after instructing them daily in the Word and the Kingdom of God. They also developed the sense of being part of a normal, balanced family, regardless of whether it is the original biological family. This family is based on love and loyalty, on the absolute values ​​of God, on Truth.


Our children have gradually abandoned the old habits of a dysfunctional family, have learned to be obedient, orderly, respectful, and to see life with more love and happiness. Their abandonment has been filled with the presence of parents who care about them twenty-four hours a day. The church is a very important point of reference for them. They have healed their lives.


They see so much love in our couple, so much unity, that they have had no choice but to join us in submission and harmony. The process of restoration has been slow but sure, because it is God who restores, and does it fully, without leaving gaps. Miracles have occurred many in our history. No one could have healed the wounds, no one could have rescued us in such a way as Jesus did. The testimony of our family, our blessing, is something we want everyone to know, we want to shout to the four winds. Alleluia! Because of our redeemed lives. He restored us.


Do not give up, follow God, wait on Him. Ask Him to give you a second chance. Our Lord loves second chances, is an expert in restoring, healing, is a specialist in giving life where there is death, bringing light where there is darkness, order where there is chaos, consolation where there is pain, peace where there is anguish, provision where there is lack, love where there is hate, forgiveness where there is guilt. Do not believe in misfortune, do not believe in the past, do not believe in the difficulty of each day, believe in Him and he will soon rescue you. He will open the floodgates of the heavens and give you an incredible blessing. As the young people say: You are not done!

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