Good mood: the sign of maturity
Humor, laughter and the ability to play, an important presence in the family

Humor, laughter and the ability to play, an important presence in the family

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Good mood: the sign of maturity
Humor, laughter and the ability to play, an important presence in the family

Good humor, laughter, and play are important elements to strengthen the character of the person and are classified within the virtues of transcendence because they allow lightening the burden of life, opening a new perspective, with hope, not in a simplistic way or hollow, but putting us from another angle that gives us another perspective of reality, and also allows us a change of attitude, it releases tension and allows us to cope with problems. Also, humor is a sign of maturity, which makes others feel good and themselves, without demerit them.

There is a clear difference between humor and irony, the first helps to live, is humble, open, clear, honest, causes well-being, does not cause harm and facilitates human relationships, while irony and sarcasm are hurtful because it is a subtle way of aggression, which in addition to hurting and hurting, and generates in the victim the need to answer in the same tone, or feel helpless and offended, block good communication and therefore the relationship.

Research has shown that laughter produces changes in the brain, by increasing endorphins and lowering stress levels, it even contributes to mitigate pain and increase the immune system, as well as facilitating social relationships.

It is always pleasant and pleasant to deal with someone cheerful, and playful, which is not always synonymous with simple or superficial.

These activities can naturally be fostered within the family, because the creator always emerges spontaneously, the one who has a spark, and who spreads to others. It is usually a natural characteristic of children, but it is not exclusive. And if in addition to infecting, it strengthens the bond of family love, and even, it is an easy way to remove barriers and provide the necessary environment for deep communication, a fundamental element in the family.

Since the holidays are coming, it is worth promoting games, and exercising the good humor that brings so many benefits, lightens our lives and gives us health and well-being, and what more, if it is within our family.

Another aspect that I want to comment today, is to remind you that this space is for you, appreciable readers, and I would very much like to know your opinion and suggestion on the topics that you can publish, since talking about family opens an impressive range of topics, from what is man, gestation, childhood, adolescence, youth, courtship, marriage, communication, how to resolve critical situations in the couple, grandparents, pain and death, in short, there are a lot of issues, so I would like to receive your suggestions.

Well for today is all, waiting for your response, I leave my mail; and as always, I invite you to visit the page of the school of parents in;

And do not forget, what the song says: "with a smile, I can buy, all those things that do not sell" ..., and it's also free. Contaminate others of your inner joy.

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