Affection is the basis and the accompaniment.

Love illuminates our relationships with God

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Affection is the basis and the accompaniment.

A necklace, a rose, a book. Gifts. Most important, the affection that accompanied them.

A clean bathroom. Order in the closet. Well ironed clothes. In everything, honey.

More than the gestures, the actions, the objects, what matters is the affection that we put in each thing.

Maybe we'll make a mistake. That book was not the right one. That picture is off the wall. But if there was affection, it was worth it.

Certainly, affection leads us to look carefully for what will be best for the loved one. If we fail, we will gladly repair it with a caress or with words of tenderness.

Love also illuminates our relationships with God. Because our Father in heaven has infinite love and desires hearts that love fully.

The divine love explains the beauty of a carnation, the freshness of spring, the fascination of some snowflakes, the solemnity of a forest of beech trees.

That affection is at the origin of the smile of a son of a few months, in the overflowing joy of a child, in the look in the love of a young man, in the serenity of an adult or an old man.

In the way of life, receiving and giving love allow us to find the meaning of everything we do, embellishes the world with a particular touch of closeness in love.

Today I can open my soul's eyes to discover what signs of affection God offers me and many good hearts and to see how I can respond with love to so much love that comes free at the doors of my life ...

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