TEmojis reign in our conversations
TEmojis reign in our conversations

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TEmojis reign in our conversations
¿Our emotions too?

Expressing our feelings can often become real torture. Telling what we feel to another person can be difficult, but technology has made it their own to "facilitate" the process and today with a heart we can tell someone that we want it, with a happy face we can express emotion and with An angry our anger. But how true is this?
Beyond the wide range of emojis we have to choose our mood, do they express what we feel? Does our heart speed up when the boy or girl we like sends us a face in love? The need to communicate what we feel and think has accompanied us since the beginning of time, it is not new, it is not that suddenly in full 2018 the emojis are showing as an unimaginable version of the language. What happens is that they have become the perfect excuse to prefer expressing certain types of emotions, that in real life, the outside, in which you talk to someone seeing their eyes, they become increasingly complex.
In 1995 the Pocket Bell mobiles were launched to the market with what today we can know as one of the most common emojis in our cell phones: the heart. The ability to send this little symbol through these devices completely changed the perspective of the language and allowed the i-mode platform to design a more complete set of these funny faces. What they might never imagine is that after a few years, the amount of emojis would increase to the scandalous number of 1,500.
1. Do I prefer to discuss issues related to my feelings through the cell phone?
Okay, this does not sound like a scolding but a reason why we stop for a few minutes to think if we run away from those face-to-face conversations. Refusing to accept that the way we communicate has changed is almost impossible, today we all walk with the cell phone in our hands to go to the bathroom and when we are discharged we have that uncomfortable feeling, that emptiness that makes us feel "disconnected" from the supposed reality that unites us with others.
The serious issue is that we have allowed the conversations of our relationships to be carried out by 90% through these devices, which leaves us with ample possibilities to reach scenarios that we never thought would occur virtually, such as ruptures, infidelities, harassment or mistreatment. Emojis allow us to give a lighter and more pleasant touch to conversations, turn simple words into something more fun and help us to remove the formality of some phrases, but they will never replace the words that are spoken in front of us.
I do not intend to go to the extreme of exaggeration and assume that we are doing everything wrong to use these faces every day. The call will be coherent and aware that human interaction should not be replaced by the conversations we have with our friends and family through text messages or WhatsApp.
2. Have our emotions become temporary?
Maybe the heart, the hug or the kiss that we send is a sign of what we feel and the emojis allow us to express much easier, things that we would not dare to speak in person. Without realizing it, we stop listening to the voice of our loved ones for days or even weeks, because our communication is limited to chat.
We do not see each other often, we use video calls from time to time, but when we finish them we return to short messages or sad faces that can mean "I miss you", "I do not feel good", "I regret". The kiss or the hug that we send in a few seconds through our cellphone can not cause the same sensations that the physical contact ends and in short, many of our relationships become something temporary, in sway of faces that want to scream but that they can be interpreted in the wrong way.
We have become people with automatic answers, sometimes we do not even know what to say and we choose to send an emoji that covers our lack of interest or that perhaps prompts us to change the subject. Recognizing our own emotions and those of others becomes a labyrinth, where we do not know for sure what is real and what is not. If you want to deepen in knowing more and know your feelings and emotions, we recommend that you click here.
The emojis have even become a hobby within the groups of WhatsApp, in which some insightful members of the chat sends a list of faces and symbols so that others decipher the message. They can range from movie names, music groups, to sayings or typical phrases. And although sometimes these little faces get us out of trouble when we do not have much time to respond, we do not make the mistake of denying ourselves to the proposal of a personal encounter.
The time we dedicate to our friends and family is invaluable, we do not allow technology to separate us, use it as a tool that allows us to facilitate dialogue and frequent encounters.

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