Between spouses, it is essential to have good communication!
5 Tips to achieve good communication between spouses.

5 Tips to achieve good communication between spouses.

Author: Silvia del Valle | Source:

Between spouses, it is essential to have good communication!
5 Tips to achieve good communication between spouses.

By: Silvia del Valle | Source:

It is important to be clear that if the spouses are well, the whole family will be fine because the spouses are the basis of the family.

This does not mean that they must agree on everything or that they should always think the same, what it means is that they must know how to communicate what they think, agree and then have a joint opinion that is the opinion that governs the family.

Both must learn to listen and to yield, otherwise family stability will never be achieved.

So today I want to share my 5Tips to achieve good communication between spouses.

When we manage to give ourselves a time to go for a walk together, we are propitiating the appropriate moments so that the communication is adequate.

If we try to talk when the children are playing or watching television, I'm sure we will not succeed because we will not miss any of them or if we try while we are in the car, we will not succeed because we can not pay attention to driving and the person who is speaking.

We must talk at a specific time for that and in a neutral place. That's why going out for a walk has worked for my husband and me.

Commonly what I do is let my husband talk and when I see that he does not tell me what he feels or that even if he tries not to tell me what he has, what I do is ask him concrete things so that it is easier for him to express himself invitation that I am making.

If something of what you tell me is not clear to me, I will let you know and I ask you again to clarify the point and thus have a complete picture.

If everything has been clear to us, it is good that we give our opinion on the subject or on how we can solve the problem; but it is important to make it clear that it is an opinion and not an imposition.

Our husband must listen to what we have to say because that way he can see another point of view of the same problem or situation.

Many times we even propose several solutions to the same problem.

We also pray to try to make the solutions conform to the will of God.

Once we agree, we try to get home and in a moment we sit down to conclude and write down the agreements we reached.

We have a notebook where we write down everything we talk about and the agreements we reached.

It is good to put them in writing because we can check them constantly and see if we have made progress or if we need to adapt something else to make things work.

Over time we have managed to have a communication routine and that promotes a good relationship between my husband and me.

We already know that if one of the two wants to say something to the other, we only ask to go for a walk and the other understands that it is time to talk.

Hopefully and they can apply it in their family because it has been very useful for us.

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