A Long Time Ago, I Did Not Confess
Is all this forgiveness truly real?

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“Give me your fear, and I will return you your peace”. This is the thought that came into my mind after seeing this beautiful video about the sacrament of confession. Not by chance Pope Francis a few days ago has decided to proclaim a Jubilee of mercy for the year 2016. What is lacking makes us continue to reverence before the infinite mercy and the loving forgiveness of the Lord towards the repentant sinner. We are all sinners, we all need forgiveness, we have all felt in our hearts the weight of our faults and the fear of approaching the confessional. But This video helps us to remember how simple and at the same time overwhelming that it is time to approach the sacrament of reconciliation.

The exchange is this: we give our fear, the sadness for our faults, the shame, the pain, and Jesus brings back the peace, the tranquility of our conscience, the certainty of the love of God.

For all those people who are still afraid to approach this sacrament, or who stop the false ideas that filled the young man's mind at the beginning of this video, let us remember that confession is nothing but a source overflowing with mercy, a hug loving the Father, a return to the home, to the heart of Jesus.

Ask the Lord to help us get closer to this sacrament with a truly repentant heart, and to meet with his real presence in the forgiveness of our sins we can come out renewed and with the firm purpose of striving every day to be like Him. Let us repeat the words of the antiphon that Pope Francis recently suggested: "Give us Lord a heart like yours."


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