A Hot Coal of Kindness to the Drama of Abortion
A society may lose the north and come to see with indifference injustices

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A society may lose its north and come to see indifference, injustice, or even declare them an inviolable "right." So it happens, in several places in the world, with abortion.

But even when one comes to see the "crime" as "right", something denounced forcefully by Saint John Paul II, in the heart of many human beings an ember of kindness remains lit.

That ember of kindness leads to thousands of women who discover a difficult pregnancy to say “yes” to their children and to welcome them with courage and, above all, with affection.

That ember leads thousands of volunteers to look for good and effective ways to help mothers and their children.

That ember allows hundreds of doctors to quit collaborating with abortion and use their science according to their true purpose: to help the men and women in need.

This ember means that today politicians are willing to ruin their "career" to give voice to the most helpless among human beings: the children before birth.

In a world where there are those who defend abortion as a "right" universal human, it shines more strongly that ember of kindness of those who say no to the death of innocent and yes to the life and health of mothers and their children.


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