A Faith that Heals Reason
True faith is not the enemy of thought, but its best ally.

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Decades and decades of books, lectures, films, novels, have conveyed an idea that for many is almost a dogma: believing prevents thinking, to stop believing leads to progress towards maturity and to better understand what reality is.

Is that so? When one remembers the millions of deaths caused by the atheistic ideologies, by the savage liberalism, by the unscrupulous dictators, by the Jacobins of all time, it becomes clear that out of the faith there are extremely serious behaviors.

If we also see how every year millions of children in their mothers are eliminated for abortion (illegal or "legal"), if we find in pain how thousands of families are destroyed because of infidelity, drugs, alcohol, pornography, greed, internet dependencies...

If we also note how from a misunderstood autonomy of public life laws are passed “regulating” what’s to be endured and what’s not, that allowing experimenting with human embryos as if they were laboratory animals. That goes against the sound freedom of expression in the name of a pseudotolerance that is rather totalitarianism camouflaged...

Then it must be recognized that reason has become ill in so many places where most have forsaken its faith, even among those who, as governors, judges or professors, would be called to promote truth and not sophism.

History shows us that there is a different path: people and cultures that accepted atrocious injustices and absurd ideas, among which there were no shortages of human sacrifices or wild slavery, left aside the contempt for the innocents precisely since they began to welcome, think and live seriously according to the Catholic faith.

Today's world needs convinced men and women, genuine and courageous believers willing to give their lives for Christ and for all the good that God has given to the human being. 

Also, to preserve the true meaning of words, the very nature of institutions such as marriage or family, respect for the life of the most helpless: the poor, the elderly, the sick, the children before birth.

True faith is not the enemy of thought, but its best ally. Because that faith heals reason, fortifies hearts, opens the eyes to a wonderful set of truths, and allows us to work for a healthier, more supportive, more sensible, more open world to God (our ultimate goal and our savior) and to the men and women who walk beside us.


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