A Dam Against Temptation
One of the great problems in spiritual life is to have cracks that lead us to lose energies, to expose ourselves to temptation, to gradually turn away from the right path.

Author: P. Fernando Pascual, L.C | Source:

It's a common experience for thousands of people. A young man has had a good Catholic education in the family, in the parish, in school. One day curiosity and friends lead him to enter Internet pages that drag him into sin.

An adult has a beautiful family, is happy with his married life and his work. He begins to deal with another person and, little by little, grows an affection that dominates the heart and dangerously close to the precipice of adultery. 

The list of situations is very long, because there are many dangers, because the demon continually tempts, because we live in a world that not only promotes, but praises those who are in the Vice (cf. Rm 1,24-32).

That is why it is urgent to raise a dam against temptations from a healthy realism. This realism helps us to distrust ourselves and to trust in God fully, according to the counsel of so many authors (for example, Mr. Lorenzo Scupoli in his famous book "Spiritual Combat").

To do this, we have to ask ourselves, before God, What do we really love? What is the innermost desire of our hearts? Sometimes we say that we are Christians, but in the end,  we have to recognize that we seek and love the glory, the power, the money, the pleasure, and so many other deceptions.

If we see that the soul is hurt by wrong desires, we need to beseech God to cleanse us and purify us, to remove "the heart of Stone" and give us "a Heart of Flesh" (Ez 11.19), a purified and strengthened heart (cf. Sal 51.12). 

In this task are of enormous help a serious examination of conscience and a good confession. For so we do not only see those dark areas of our souls, but we present them to God and to the Church to receive the great gift of mercy.

Then, you have to take concrete resolutions to close cracks, to cut with occasions of sin, such as books, Internet pages, television programs, bad companies, and other places where it becomes easier to fall into the vice. 

Sometimes it costs a lot, especially when there are bad habits and we find it so easy to return to the life we had before. But the experience of being loved by God and the welcome of good brothers help to break with everything that can lead us to sin.

It is not enough, of course, with the decisions to break the evil, but the most important thing is to run towards the good, the love, the Justice, the mercy. 

The Christian world is wonderful, because it allows us to discover who is the love of our souls (cf. Ct. 3.1-4). Then we will let him transform our lives, and we shall begin to live as children of the father and brothers of the redeemed.

Being members of the Church encourages us to live in a radical and generous way. What we receive is immensely larger and more beautiful than we can leave. The renunciations of Satan and the world that are renewed every year at the Easter Vigil are a renewal of the most positive and beautiful of our lives: faith, love and hope.


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