A Corner to Calm the Soul
From a humble prayer to God, we will find words not to hurt the other by exposing unmissable truths.

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Shocks hurt us, tire us, leave us a strange crunch and sometimes a bitter feeling of helplessness. We wanted to fix a problem, and we pleased it.

We seek a way of dialogue, and anger obfuscated our words or those of the other. We thought it was easy to apply this remedy, and the closed door made us see that the situation was much more complex. 

The soul is stunned and confused. We wish we had avoided a new disagreement. But it's already happened. There is a certain penalty for the fault of oneself or for the attitudes not entirely understood by the other party. 

We seek, then, a corner to calm the soul. We cannot live without peace, nor is there concord while the fire of anger is lit, sometimes arising from something very small. 

The time has come to look at the sky, to recognize what is relative, to give in a little on negotiable issues so that it is possible to open a path to reconciliation and the joint search for good for all. 

Other times there is no way of concord: if one thing is just, it is not right to condescend with the bad to preserve a peace at any cost. There are times when it comes to saying a painful "no" from the truth, which will surely open wounds and create problems. 

Also, we will have to find a way not to lose the peace of the soul. From a humble prayer to God, we will find words not to hurt the other by exposing unforgiving truths. Above all, we will strive to keep the door open to dialogue, so that it is soon possible to build bridges that allow for a more mature and more serene relationship.


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