What cannot be neglected
What cannot be neglected

José Martínez Colín invites us to reflect on love and personal vocation, the family and the history of values and value that each one builds

Author: José Martínez Colín | Source:

What cannot be neglected

José Martínez Colín invites us to reflect on love and personal vocation, the family and the history of values and value that each one builds
By: José Martínez Colín | Source:

To know

Pope Benedict XVI, speaking of vocations, recalled that the life of each person is a story of love. He recalled that young people who consecrate themselves to the priesthood "are not different from others, but have been deeply touched by the beauty of God's love, and have not been able to avoid responding with their whole lives."

In the Church, it is discovered that the life of every man is a unique love story.

To think

A few days ago I received an email describing a cautionary tale.

It was about a very rich young woman who had everything: a good husband, obedient children, a well-paid job, sincere friends and a united family. But she did not manage to harmonize her different activities: her family, social, work and religious life. In such a way that he neglected his family or his life of piety.

Sometimes the work consumed her a lot of time, and then her family lost out: she left her husband and children behind ... And so, she ended up neglecting the people she loved.

Her father, who was a wise man, realizing this, gave her a gift: it was a very rare and beautiful flower, of which there was only one copy in the whole world and, therefore, very expensive. She said: "Child, this flower is going to help you a lot, you only have to take care of it: water it and prune it from time to time, it will give you in return that wonderful perfume and those wonderful flowers." The young woman was very excited because the flower was of beauty without equal.

Time passed and problems arose, work consumed all her time; and did not allow her to take care of the flower. When she got home, she looked at the flower and the flowers were still there, they showed no signs of weakness or death, they were still beautiful and perfumed. She just passed by.

Until one day, when she got home she got a big scare, the flower was completely dead, its root was dry and its flowers were falling, the young woman cried a lot. She called her father and told him what happened, her father then replied:

"I already imagined that this would happen, I'm very sorry, it was a unique flower and I cannot give you another, there is no other like that one, it was unique, ... like your children, your husband, and your family. You have many blessings from the Lord, but you have to learn to take care of them: water them, prune them and pay attention to them, because like the flower, the feelings can die, you got used to seeing the flower always there, always flowered, always perfumed, and you forgot to take care of her, do not let this happen with your family. "

To live

Benedict XVI asked that families "be the first environment in which the love of God is breathed, that also gives inner strength among the difficulties and trials of life." Whoever lives in a family, experiences God's love, receives an incalculable gift that will bear fruit in its time. "

The Holy Father stressed the value that each person acquires, because "each of us is the fruit of love, certainly of the love of the parents, but, more profoundly, of the love of God." For this reason, we must take care of each member of the family as a "unique flower".


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