The value of responsibility
The value of responsibility

Personal responsibility is very important for everyone, small and big.

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The value of responsibility 
The value of responsibility 
All education has to be aimed at forming honest people 
At the level of concepts 
Personal responsibility is very important for everyone, small and big. The strength of the educator is in his way of doing, in the optimism with which he faces the difficulties, in the maturity with which he makes the decisions, in never stopping to reach his human improvement and, above all, in the answer that gives to his family duties, professional and social. One characteristic of this responsibility is to assume the acts that one does without burdening if it is wrong, the blames on the others. It's about getting children and daughters, to help the responsibility, that they know what they have to do and how they have to do it, at every moment of their life at home, in school, with friends, without seeking excuses and facing the consequences of their actions. 
The autonomy that children are achieving is necessary to become responsible. For this reason, it should start to encourage from a very small; a first step would be to let them take a few tablespoons of food alone, choose to clothe to dress for holders, another example, the fulfillment of the orders as we reflected in the previous article. All with the intention that they know how to decide and that they have initiatives. Also because with the mistakes, they will learn to rectify. Says the Castilian saying: "No one corrects in someone else´s head." 
Small businessmen 
Another element to consider as educational value, in the subject we deal with, is the administration of money. What do we have to do to understand that things cost and that money is to be managed? It is likely that at 7 or 8 years have bought something for us, or themselves: pencils, treats, a toy... It seems interesting that more or less at this age, or at most 10 or 11 years have assigned a regular and fixed amount for these small expenses. Maybe parents and mothers, think that you already buy everything you need, but in this issue, it is not about supplying, but that you learn the cost of material things, so as not to be embezzlers and with saving encourage generosity towards others. It is to be said that to teach to organize you can not give money when the established amount is finished and that this "pay" must be related to the age, and once agreed on the habitual expenses that they have. A point related to money would also involve young people in the elaboration of the family budget, it is useful to accustom them to the family economic reality and not live immersed in the consumer society that encourages spending more, when It should promote in the family environment, that it is spent better and with intelligence.
Responsibility more trust 
In giving responsibilities to the children, be with commissions that facilitate thinking of others and be useful, as the girl of the photograph that contemplates and accompanies her brother finished of being born, that is with the administration of small quantities of money, we're cooperating to increase their independence and their security. 
A climate of trust, within the family, is a support to have responsibility, the tasks are done with more enthusiasm and you learn at home other values such as sincerity, generosity or strength, as long as parents and mothers do their best to know the capacities of each one of their own and to mark the challenges affordable to each. This positive environment is always living with kindness for everyone. San Francisco de Sales says: "You can make yourself understand the truth and admonish, as long as it is done with sweetness". Therefore, sons and daughters will be responsible if their parents, understand them and know how to reason appropriate behaviors when they are obfuscated. It's good, too, to see that when the big ones aren't right, they know how to apologize. As always, naturalness and simplicity are small virtues that motivate the personal effort to be better and live the responsibility with all the commitment that it implies.

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