Solidarity in a global world
Neighbor, next always, the best recipe for happiness. Do not forget

Solidarity in a global world

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A way of life 
Solidarity in a global world 
Neighbor, next always, the best recipe for happiness. Do not forget

Solidarity is an essential means of achieving a livable world. Precisely, in the " Millennium Declaration of the United Nations " during the closing of the Millennium Summit on 8 September 2000, the UN establishes the International Day of Solidarity (31 August), which reminds us that solidarity is more than a requirement for moral character, in my opinion, is also a necessity of the human being, to the extent that we all need to feel loved by our fellows. 
Neighbor, next always, the best recipe for happiness. Let's not forget it. 
The day that all the peoples of the earth are truly sympathetic to each other, the world will be an oasis of peace. There will be no sadness and no vice of evil. Unfortunately, we live in a period of strong crisis, where the differences are further accused, when it should be the opposite, to act together to get out of this pitfall of disasters. It should be noted that human progress will never be discussed as long as nations do not cooperate, stripped of petty interests. 
Advancing cooperation is the best proof of a civilization's solidarity. We exercise individually as such. 
We must, therefore, aspire in the future to consecrate the world of solidarity as a way of life. Meetings, conferences and the desire to raise awareness of the public are held throughout the world, that only working in the same direction is possible. As a result, the guidance we take, which should be, of course, the disposition of the hand outstretched to all helpless human life is fundamental. I imagine those children fleeing wars, who walk alone in this world of wolves, those arbitrary executions that still occur in much of the planet, or those unfair outrages suffered by the weakest people, to which is used not a few times , as a material for sale, disassisted by all of us, anxious to reach the cusp of power and not the service. 
The one who doesn't serve diligently will hardly serve to govern a people. It is beautiful to preach with facts and absurd to do it only with words. 
However, lights are always born in our walk. I know that there are many institutions, both public and private, struggling to achieve respect for all human life, leaving their existence to promote a solidarity attitude. Your referent must make us change. Many times we work with the things that separate us, rather than with those that unite us. At other times, we go indifferent to the tears that urge us to stop, without seeing what we can do. It is seen that we need to adopt a detached heart attitude, which is contrary to the spirit that is currently moving the cosmos. 
Solidarity is not a mouthpiece, nor a punctual fact, it is a way of life, a spirit of unconditional service to the sufferings of others.

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