15 Simple Ways to Express Love for Others
Smile. A Christian is always cheerful!

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We wanted to make a compilation of simple acts of love that many times are overlooked but that, in their simplicity are concrete manifestations of the love of God. A heart that has met Him cannot remain indifferent to others. Let us Not deprive others of our smiles, of our joy, of the hope that Christ gives! The World needs it.


1) Smile. a Christian is always cheerful!

We do not realize but when we smile, we lighten the burden to those around us. When we go down the street, at work, at home, in college. The happiness of the Christian is a blessing for others and for oneself. Who has Christ in his life cannot be sad!


2) To always thank (although not "must" do).

Never get used to receiving because you need it or because you have a right to. Everything you receive as a gift, nothing you "should" even if you paid for it. Always give thanks. Is happier who is thankful.


3) Greet with joy the people you see every day.

Sure, is the one who opens the door, who cleans, who answers the calls. You see it every day and when you greet him you remind him that it is very important what he does. Your work as well as his/her is more comfortable if you make him/her see that is valuable to others, that his/her presence changes things.


4) To remind others how much you love them.

You know you love them... and them? Caresses, hugs and words never spare. If Jesus had not made flesh, we would never have understood that God is Love.


5) To hear the story of the other, without prejudice, with love.

What can make us more human than to listen? Every story you're told brings you closer to each other: your children, your partner, the boss, the teacher, your worries and joys... You know that not only are words, they are parts of your life that need to be shared.


6) Stop to help. Be attentive to the ones who needs you.

What else can we say? No matter if it's a math problem, a simple question or someone who's hungry, there's never enough help! We all need each other. Even if you are helping, remember that you are also in need.


7) Cheering someone up.

You know it's not ok or something’s not all right and you don't know what to do. You decide to smile to let him/her know that not everything is bad. It is always good to know that there is someone who loves you and will always be in spite of the difficulties.

8) Celebrate the qualities or successes of another.

We usually shut up what we like and rejoice in others: their successes, their qualities, their good attitudes. Simple phrases like "Congratulations!", "I am very happy for you" or "That color fits you very well" have made the day to your partner and help us to see each other as God sees us.


9) Select what you do not use and give it to those who need it.

Have you ever imagined that your favorite T-shirt when you were 17, is now the favorite T-shirt of a teenager who doesn't have much to wear? If you're a big brother, you know. That is why it is good to get used to valuing what we have and if we have more than we need, give it widens the heart and protects from the cold to another.


10) Help when needed for another to rest.

This is lived in families: when one rests another works. Nothing more beautiful than knowing that someone else already started doing something you needed for you or that you can always ask for help. When we help each other to carry the daily responsabilides, life is more bearable.


11) To correct with love, not to be silent for fear.

Correcting is an art. Many times we find ourselves in situations that we do not know how to handle. The best method is love. Love not only knows how to correct, but can forgive, accept and move forward. Do not be afraid to correct and be corrected, that is a sample that others bet on you and want you to be better.


12) Have nice details with those who are near you.

You know what he/she likes better than anyone, why not take advantage of that? Nothing is enjoyed more than that which is given with love, he/she earns a few minutes of rest and you an authentic smile. Getting out of oneself and thinking about others is always better and makes your heart happy.


13) Clean up what I use at home.

If you live with your family or you live outside the home, you know how important is to collect and clean what you use. There is a voice inside you that tells you that you should help a little more than you want... And surprisingly you feel very good about it.


14) Telephone your parents.

Now you live alone, you move alone and maybe even have your own family. However, your parents are still moved when you let them know that you think about them. Being attentive to what they need or just knowing how they are is something that does not cost you much and is a huge gesture of gratitude.


15) To help others overcome obstacles.

When we were young, why not do it now? Help to reach the transport, to carry suitcases, to cross the street or to give some coins so that he/she can pay. Those details are never forgotten. You're the stranger who still believes in humanity.

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