10 Reasons to reject socialism
Socialism limits human beings in all dimensions of life.

10 Reasons to reject socialism

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10 Reasons to reject socialism 
Socialism limits human beings in all dimensions of life. 

1. Socialism and communism have the same ideology 
Communism is but an extreme form of socialism. From an ideological point of view, there is no substantial difference between the two. Indeed, the communist Soviet Union was called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (1922-1991) and communist China, Cuba, and Vietnam define themselves as socialist nations. 
2. Socialism violates personal freedom 
Socialism seeks to eliminate "injustice" by transferring the rights and responsibilities of individuals and families to the State. In the process, socialism creates injustice. True freedom is destroyed: the freedom to decide all the matters within our competence and to follow the course shown for our reason, within the laws of morality, including the dictates of justice and charity. 
3. Socialism violates human nature 
Socialism is anti-natural. Destroy the personal initiative? Fruit of our intelligence and free will? and replaces it with state control. Wherever it is implemented, it tends to totalitarianism, with its repressive and police government. 
4. Socialism violates private property
Socialism cries out for a "redistribution of wealth," taking from the "rich" to give to the poor. It imposes taxes that punish those who have been able to take better advantage of their productive talents, and ability to work or to save. It uses taxation to promote economic and social egalitarianism, a goal that can be fully achieved, according to the Communist Manifesto, with the "abolition of private property." 
5. Socialism opposes traditional marriage 
Socialism sees no moral reason to restrict sexual intercourse to marriage, that is, the indissoluble union between a man and a woman. On the other hand, socialism undermines private property, which Friedrich Engels, the founder of modern socialism and communism with Karl Marx, saw as the foundation of traditional marriage. 
6. Socialism is opposed to parental rights in education 
Socialism gives the State, and not the parents, the control of children's education. Almost from birth, children must be given to public institutions, where they will be taught what the State wants, regardless of the views of the parents. Evolutionary theory must be taught. Prayer at school must be banned
7. Socialism promotes radical equality 
Supposed absolute equality between men is the fundamental premise of socialism. Therefore, it considers that all inequality is unfair in itself. Private employers are quickly qualified as "exploiters," whose earnings belong to their employees. As a result, the wage system is discarded 
8. Socialism promotes atheism 
The belief in God, which unlike us is infinite, omnipotent and omniscient, clashes frontally with the principle of absolute equality. Socialism, therefore, rejects the spiritual, stating that there is only matter. God, the soul, and the afterlife are illusions, according to socialism. 
9. Socialism promotes relativism 
For socialism, there are no absolute or moral truths revealed, which establish the norms of conduct that apply to all in every place and at all times. Everything evolves, including truth and error, good and evil. There is no room for the Ten Commandments, neither in private life nor in the public sphere. 
10. Socialism mocks religion 
According to Karl Marx, religion is "the opium of the people." Lenin, the founder of the Soviet Union, agrees: "Religion is the opium of the people. Religion is a kind of spiritual spirit of bad quality, in which the slaves of capital stifle their human image, and their demand for a life more or less worthy of man... " (Socialism and religion written in 1905). 
May God protect America from socialism. 

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