12 On the Court
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Author: Carlos Padilla | Source:

Fran is 16 years old, is Mexican and lives in Brazil. His dream is to be a professional soccer player. After getting expelled he finds an envelope in his locker. The content is lethal. Francisco has anemia. His frustration and fear increase when a professional representative offers him to take banned substances to overcome his illness and deceive the club Vasco de Gama.
His existential situation is full of doubts and fears. He has no one to open your problem to. His best friend "El Colo" would listen to him but he is not the man of the great advice. Sofi, the girl he comes out with, would be frightened.
His parents would take him out of the football, his professors would judge him, the assistant of the technician perhaps also... what if I tell a priest? No way!
Never as before, Fran feels alone, is full of anger and questions why does this happen to me? Didn't we have a good God? Decides to spit all his doubts into a teen blog called 
Fran begins a virtual exchange that does not solve his life but allows him to continue walking with his goals, drunkenness and flirting, in the dark clearing of life, in the adventure that involves becoming a man.
An unexpected end awaits the reader who at every step of the story feels identified and questioned by a young man who could be the same...

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