Are we Catholics anti-system?
The first Christians were

We are now faced with the current "global empire," which uses its economic power to describe society, that is, the opposite process to which the first Christians lived.

Author: Javier Ordovás | Source:

Are we Catholics anti-system?
The first Christians were
By: Javier Ordovás | Source:
It can be said that the first Christians were a handful of people with little training and organization. Within the Roman Empire in which they survived, they were insignificant. The power of the Empire was not only military but also political, cultural and religious. Social customs included the same immorality as today. However, that "stabbing" of men Christianized that powerful Empire, to the point that Tertullian in the third century wrote: "We are from yesterday, however, we fill your cities, islands, forts, towns, councils, as well as the fields, tribes, decurias, the palace, the senate, the forum, we have only left your temples”.
We are now faced with the current "global empire," which uses its economic power to describe society, that is, the opposite process to which the first Christians lived.
We are living the systematic imposition of a series of ideologies that, although apparently disconnected from each other, obey a decidedly materialistic philosophy of substance. The great masses, manipulated, perceive all these ideologies as progress in freedoms and cultural advances. The great conquest of globality is used by economic powers as an excellent tool at the service of their interests in the dissemination of their ideas and cultures. What, apparently, is a messy kaleidoscope of new trends, actually obeys a maliciously organized plan to eliminate the values, ideas, heritage of twenty centuries of Christian culture.
This materialistic, atheistic and, therefore, anti-Christian philosophy is generating the following ideological picture:
 The idea of nation and country is to manipulate at will by those great powers based on their economic interests related to the rich natural resources and the justification of wars as pure commerce or arms test.
 Countries and nations are managed by these groups with the intervention in their controls, or through the corresponding international organizations: the UN, the IACHR, etc.
 National and international public funds, as well as private funds from foundations and NGOs, are destined to boost these ideologies, such as pressure lobbies that practice maximum intolerance towards Christian values and people, allocating millionaire figures to fictitious activities that they call job creation.
 The universally accepted economic system as the least bad, liberal capitalism, instead of creating a welfare economy is generating greater inequality, concentrating wealth in the hands of some and impoverishing the rest more. Even in the most advanced societies, the climate is one of malaise, of dissatisfaction. 
 The system of government of countries through democracy administered by political parties is already creating a general disappointment. Disenchantment for the party system for democracy is growing at high speed. 
 The culture of corruption at all levels of public administration has introduced its roots throughout the social fabric so that society begins to consider it inevitable and part of everyday life. - The drug market not only affects the health of millions of people but also affects the political life and economic system of many countries; it is a cancer that affects all societies. 
 The persistent inequality between the recognition of the rights of men and women, in many spaces, is being used to justify extremist feminism, equally harmful that the machismo that it intends to eliminate. The confrontation between women and men, the struggle of the sexes is promoted instead of presenting the richness of complementarity.
 The vile murder of babies through abortion and the elderly through euthanasia is used as cultural conquests when medicine has great advances that facilitate the defense of life in all its stages. 
 Gender culture is also used as a conquest when it is the most contrary to nature and the laws of the science of biology. Small homosexual activist groups, which do not reach 1% of the population, use their gender dysphoria as a weapon and blackmail for the conquest of power in nerve communication points, putting in place true mechanisms of "purification" against all those who do not share your ideas. 
 Marriage, family, and freedom of education are being bombed from all fronts.
 Religious freedom is manipulated. In Europe, it applies to the rights of Muslims but is ignored for Christians. The violent attack on Christian people and centers in many advanced countries is considered insignificant. The blatant persecution of Christians in many countries in Asia and Africa is ignored in the West. 
Undoubtedly, this system, which is being powerfully imposed, places Christians as clearly anti-system. Being a Christian is not fashionable. This whole scenario described is not to create an alarm or discouragement. Catholics have centuries of experience, solutions, and answers to all these problems. Moreover, in that re-conquest of Christian culture, Latin America currently has to play a leading role. 
The first Christians turned around, from within, to a powerful Roman Empire and had neither the means, nor experience, nor the science that we currently have. Both the Christians of twenty centuries ago, and the current ones, we have the vigor of the Holy Spirit who is the one who strengthens us to fight the obstacles inside and outside the Church. "We need the power of God for the world to listen", said Yamaguchi, the famous survivor of the two atomic bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

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