9 Aspects to Form the Adolescent
For this transcendent mission there are some aspects that you need to take into account.

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As an adolescent trainer, be it their father, mother, teacher or responsible person, you have surely asked yourself: "what do I do if I don’t understand him? How do I start? How do I connect? " You are presented with challenges and opportunities that you should know how to take advantage of to form and accompany them and also enjoy doing it.

For this transcendent mission there are some aspects that you need to take into account, information that you must know and that will help you to approach your world, understand it and then you will be immersed in its accompaniment and formation.

There are many topics and elements to deepen, to begin with I present you nine great topics that will be very useful to undertake your mission.


1. Me, adolescent trainer

It is important to know the attitudes that the trainer must have: Learning to look at the whole adolescent (not just an aspect of adolescence), learning to be with him, listening to him, trusting him, knowing how to get involved and above all learning to love him as he is.

This is the basis for being able to accompany and train the adolescent. You can have a lot of knowledge but without this base there will be no results.


2. Basic knowledge about the person:

Before entering into adolescence itself, it is important to know who the person is and how it works according to their faculties: intelligence, will, heart as well as their instincts and tendencies. This knowledge will be the basis for later forming the character, maturity, will, affectivity and conscience of the adolescent.


3. Adolescence:

Know the characteristics and physical and psychological changes of this stage. Above all, it is convenient to delve into what happens in the teenager's brain, what are his deepest concerns and needs. This knowledge will rediscover the adolescent and allow you a better understanding and communication.


4. The teenager and his world: In what world does this teenager live today?

Know the environment, the environment and the concrete situations that today's adolescents face. What are your interests, how do you handle and get involved in the cyber world, where does he look for and find fun, the new experiences he is facing and what are his great ideals?


5. Affectivity in adolescence.

Being the heart an engine that moves, drives and guides you, it is vital to know how affectivity develops and what role the people to whom it corresponds directly accompany and promote the security of knowing oneself loved. Topics on sexuality and courtship are included here.


6. The family and the adolescent

Family is the best company for the teenager. It is therefore important to know the role of this, take into account how each member of the family is and how, from this, each relates, accompanies and affects the adolescent and this to all others.


7. Friendship in adolescence:

Friendship is a central theme in the adolescent's life. Therefore, it is necessary to know the characteristics of an authentic and true friendship, how to cultivate and strengthen it. Know the areas in which they seek their friendships and know how to guide them when their "friendships" far from helping them harm them.


8. Communication with the adolescent.

In the process of accompanying and training the adolescent, communication is key. It will be necessary to train in the following skills: learn to decipher their concerns and know how to respond appropriately, learn to ask him to guide you to find answers and know how to confront him so that from the experience you can acquire convictions and decisions for your life.


9. The teenager and God...

As a trainer, you seek to take him to God. For this reason it is important to know how the spiritual life of the adolescent is developing, how to live the principle of gradual spiritual growth and at the same time to guide that passion and fire inside the adolescent so that once conquered by Christ, he becomes a great apostle of his Kingdom.

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