8 Tips from Pope Francis to Succeed in Marriage
The opportunity was unbeatable. Before more than 12,000 couples, Pope Francis offered the ingredients to make the recipe of a solid love.

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First, the couple must be willing to become artisans or even jewelers.


"Marriage is an everyday job, it can be said that it’s a craftsmanship, a work of goldsmithing because the husband has the task of making his wife more of a woman, while the bride has the task of making her husband more of a man. Growing in humanity, as a man and as a woman”. The Pope said that it’s a lifetime job but that there is no need to be scared, it can be built day by day.


"Love is an achievement, a reality that grows and we can say, as an example, that it’s like building a house, and the house is built together, not on its own” . To live together forever it is necessary that the foundations of marriage are seated on solid ground.


"You will not want to build it on the sand of feelings that come and go, but on the rock of true love, the love that comes from God”. For a marriage to be happy, it is not enough for it to last "forever." The quantity is as important as the quality.


"A marriage doesn’t succeed only if it lasts, its quality is also important”. And you have to look at the sky. As the daily bread of the Lord's Prayer is requested, the Pope recommends a prayer for the spouses.


"In the Lord's Prayer we say: 'Give us our daily bread today' Marriage can learn to pray like this: 'Give us today our daily love “. For Francis, being in love means saying these three phrases often: “excuse me”, “thank you” and “I’m sorry”.


"May l?" It is the kind request to enter into someone else's life with respect and attention ... Do we know how to thank? In your current relationship and in your future married life, it is important to keep alive the awareness that the other person is a gift from God ... and the gifts from God are to be grateful for. 

Francis warns there’s no perfect person. Therefore, the secret of happiness is to ask for forgiveness.


"We all know that there is no perfect family, no perfect husband or wife, leave alone the perfect mother-in-law ... We, sinners, exist." Jesus, who knows us well, teaches us a secret: a day is not over never without asking for forgiveness.


Francis also gave some tips to make the day of the wedding an unforgettable and genuine day.



"Do it in a way that is a real party, because marriage is a party, a Christian holiday, not a worldly party! Imagine finishing the party drinking tea! It can’t be, without wine there is no party!” Love, patience, understanding and prayer are some of the elements present in the councils of the Pope. After the "yes, I do not” you can’t sit with your arms crossed, you have to work on that “happily ever after”.

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