7 Marriage Secrets of Couples that Work Well
Some of these tips are not so secret

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Cassandra Soars is a journalist and mother who has been writing about family and marriage issues for years and has launched a website with ideas to help in relationships called Contribute to other pro-family advice platforms, such as the ideas website for mothers From Imom we take your list of 7 habits of marriages that work well.

Cassandra explains that she and her husband drew up this list talking to a married couple that had been married for 30 years and that helped them during a hard time in their life as a couple.


7 Marriage Secrets of Couples that Work Well


1. Successful marriages speak well of one another

They encourage each other instead of criticizing each other and do not talk negatively about their spouse to others.


2. Successful couples ask for forgiveness as soon as they can and quickly leave their disagreements

"A friend told me that his monitor taught him at the beginning of his marriage that the strongest is the one who previously asks for forgiveness, even if only 1% was wrong. This secret helps to disarm the conflict almost immediately. "


3. They grow and try new things together.

Learning together new things unites the couple and brings new joys and new ways of connecting. They may be new hobbies, or it may be traveling, which is a way to explore new horizons.


4. Each member of the couple takes care of themselves, is encouraged to attend to their own injuries.

Each actively seeks to heal their own wounds from the past and their emotional problems, everything that makes it difficult for them to be healthy and that will then harm the family. The spouse can help them manage several of their daily tasks while he or she replenishes those wounds or improves on that challenge. The same can be applied to physical illnesses. In any case, they do not let the thing get worse or hide it indefinitely but face it.


5. Successful couples can see things from the other's point of view

They practice empathy and can spend hours sitting, debating their views with kindness to understand each other better and understand each other's feelings. Actively they show each other that they try to understand each other.


6. They have a commitment for life

They never threaten to leave because they never consider abandoning or breaking the marriage, an option. It’s inconceivable for them. "Opening the door mentally to divorce has an immediate negative impact on a marriage. It weakens the resolution to stay. Love is an act of will and resolution is essential, "writes Cassandra Soars.


7. Make each other a priority

They put effort into the relationship. They never stop "staying", "leaving", meeting ... even at home. "Intentionality and effort are required, but it is an effort that produces great results in the relationship. Couples who do this will never feel alone in their marriage, "concludes Soars.

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