7 Keys in Marriage to Have ONE LOVE for Life
Build your relationship in a stable commitment, not in vague feelings

Author: Dave Willis | Source: Dave Willis's Blog // Faith Pills

Recently I was at a funeral from a man from our church and beforehand when he was asking his friends and relatives to share stories about him, his sister said something about him that remains one of the highest and most beautiful compliments I have ever heard. She said: "He loved his wife more than I have ever seen any man love any woman."

What a deep legacy of love! I remember thinking, "I hope the same is said about me and how I loved my wife at my own funeral someday." (My wife is really lovely, which makes loving her a very pleasant task. I'm excited to spend the next 50 years with her!)

Ed Sheeran has a love song called "Thinking Aloud", where he promises that the love he has for a young woman will be as strong at seventy as at twenty-three. The promise of those simple letters is something that everyone wants in their marriage, but very few couples seem to achieve it in real life.

I am convinced that love, passion and lasting friendship in marriage is not the result of luck, fate or accident. It is the result of following the eternal path of love and marriage created and taught by God himself in the Bible.

You may not be a person of faith (yet), but don’t stop reading, because these principles could be of great help for you. They are applicable for all of us.


Here are the keys to have a love for life:

1.- Invest in your friendship with each other.

At the core of each strong marriage is a strong friendship and this one aspect of their relationship that can and should grow richer and more deeply with each passing year.

Strive not only to love each other, strive to really please each other as well. Couples who achieve lifelong love simultaneously achieve lasting friendship with each other.


2.- Be quick to forgive and ask for forgiveness

Few things sabotage a marriage faster than "keeping count" and hold grudges, few things bring peace to a marriage faster than humble apologies and genuine forgiveness.

Forgiveness doesn’t mean that the offense did not hurt or did not matter; it simply means loving your spouse enough to seek healing instead of punishment when someone has been hurt.


3.- Have new dreams

Keep having new dreams and creating new adventures together. Rudy and Judy are one of the happiest couples I know. Rudy is in his eighties, but he has more energy than me. He and Judy refuse to sit in the rocking chairs to rest in their golden years.

They teach dance classes, give premarital counseling to engaged couples, have a huge garden of delicious vegetables, take cruises at least once a month, volunteer at the local Virginia hospital and are always looking forward to a new adventure together. We could all learn a lot from them!


4.- Choose to see the best of one another.

No one knows your faults better than your spouse. He has seen you in your worst moments, but he must also be the person who constantly celebrates the good and brings out the best in you.If you both do it for each other, this will make a world of difference in your marriage over the years.


5.- Create a legacy that survives more than both

The purpose of the marriage must be borne as a sentence of life imprisonment (I certainly hope that is not how you are seeing it!) Your love for the other should make the world a richer and better place. Find places to serve and significant causes to start supporting together. Adding an element of "mission" to your marriage will bring you closer and also leave a lasting impact that will last for the next generations.


6.- Laugh as much as you both can

Laughter is good for the soul, the body and marriage. They do not laugh at each other, but constantly look for opportunities to laugh at each other. Laughter is actually one of the most intimate acts that a couple can share together. Even in difficult times, find reasons to celebrate with gratitude and joy. These will make their lives and their union much more fun!


7.- Never give up on each other

Remove the word "Divorce" from your vocabulary. Build your relationship in a stable commitment, not in inconstant feelings.

The couples that have lasted a long time are not those who never had a reason to divorce, they are simply those who decided that their mutual commitment will always be greater than their differences or defects.Never forget the sacred vows you made to each other:

"In good times and in bad, in health or in sickness, in wealth or in poverty, being faithful, until death do us part!"

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